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Was up, then down, now up(Come Now Captain, You'll rally again)

Recorded at one play with Humbuckers set to a clean Hall, the Piezo set to Clean Tweed Reverb and a wah, midi line in UltraBeat percussion

HD .aiff file included for OliVBee's amusement! Got that feeling!


October 17 2016 07:28:16
Hey, Jim! It's very cool man! Very dynamic track :)

October 15 2016 15:47:23
Yeah, progressive loop reggae music man. I like this because ot the changing tempo. It gives this music a story I want to listen to (or somthing like that....I let you know if I find better words)
+0 October 15 2016 15:51:37 ericblom GemmyF
Changing tempos in a click track world. Treason! Thanks Eric, I'm sure Looping your music for sometime resulted, in some part, this track!
October 15 2016 07:43:04
Great track Gemmy ;o)
+1 October 15 2016 15:15:11 Uloisius GemmyF
Thanks Uli!
October 15 2016 02:33:36
Hey! you upload and download the same track. Now i see you change again your avatar.. i tell you one more time you are strange man... haha!
+1 October 15 2016 02:37:55 Demian GemmyF
Demian, read the shout out link I posted just now
then tell me I'm strange. WOW!! I did fix the beginning(gave it some start room) and the end(faded out better)
October 15 2016 02:54:45 Demian Demian
Wath smoke that people? take care wath you read man, nice track anyway
October 15 2016 02:57:38 Demian GemmyF
NBC News--that's a TOP major TV broadcaster. It has been in the news for several days Now.
October 15 2016 00:00:49
What a mind you have... I have no clue what I would do with this... at least not at the moment !! :)
+0 October 15 2016 00:10:56 Psycho GemmyF
Someone will do something that will crack the code!
October 15 2016 04:27:33 Psycho GemmyF
I added a code cracker to show a possibility
October 14 2016 21:46:52
I like that!! Interresting and very creativ 😍😍😍 I'm searching ideas for it.... , maybe everyone come up with some cool stuff, and will be my muse :) Great stuff Gemmy

October 14 2016 20:19:19
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect,interestingly, super:)
+1 October 14 2016 20:24:31 Lenny Cowler GemmyF
Thanks! Thanks for the Listen Lenny!
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