jungle jangle-goodbye Kum Ba Yah

Remix step #2 (playing)
United States


GemmyF804 jams Supporter
+ 8
added guitar to help
crack the code
Added HD added guitar plus the Original HD .aiff Tweakers of sound


October 17 2016 07:47:19
Nice upgrade, mate :)

October 16 2016 13:55:57
cool and strange Gemmy...

October 15 2016 08:19:13
Gloomy and grumbling ... very creative tone sequence that is screwed through my brain ;o)
+0 October 15 2016 14:41:10 Uloisius GemmyF
all the shit that is going on in the USA for the past 8 years that wikileaks is bringing forth, which has caused the Aleepo and now the Beginnings of A heated up atmosphere between USA and Russia, the media censorship, corruptness came out in this one!
October 15 2016 15:23:03 Uloisius GemmyF
Excuse me 20yrs or more!
October 15 2016 07:50:59
Definitely my kind of Kum Ba Yah…
Totally weird & awesome !! But i'm still kicking you when we meet…. :D

+0 October 15 2016 15:21:07 nuno1959 GemmyF
Saw one person downloaded so far--- I bet that was you! That is the best way to kick me by posting up a KICK-ASS play!
October 15 2016 15:36:02 nuno1959 GemmyF
did you know that I am a cage fighter champion in my neigborhood? Oh Yeah! In each neighborhood we have a cage setup for weekly fights. So don't be bringing no lame ass kick, I'll snap that twig! right off! We do that instead of listening to what's going on in the world, and what our Govt is doing. Boys just want to have blood, spurting here and there, and as long as our women can afford the botox injections, we don't care, so just remember that in your approach! Also we now have unisex bathrooms(love love love), so I just pee all over the toilet seat, just because I can, I'm a man. Helps support the economy when women have to pull their stuff down to squat and go. Maybe it goes to the ground, their stuff. There's my pee baby. Off to the cleaners.(I get a kick back from the cleaners) So that's what you're messing with dude! Just remember that too!
October 15 2016 16:53:19 nuno1959 nuno1959
Pff, big friggin' deal !!! My Detroit custom built 12 cylinder 50cc moped does 1.2 miles to each fifty gallons creating so much smog you won't have a CLUE i'm coming & when you do, it will be too late because you'll be ''smoke shrivelled'' head hunter style to the size of a small paper weight.
Then i'll carry you home in a matchbox in my pocket & exhibit you in a mini fight cage to show off to my buddies, as i do to colombian drug dealers, arms dealers, politicians ( psst, wanna take a peep ? i've got Kissinger here.. love throwing boogers at him, drives him NUTS !! ) CEO's & other human roaches & creepy crawlies
Or maybe i feed you to my genetically modified carnivorous hamster ? Do you dress in lots of synthetics ? Please take them off, it doesn't agree w/ his digestive tract AT ALL poor thing..
October 15 2016 16:58:37 nuno1959 nuno1959
As for the pissing contest don't even go there :
I'm a walking, talking, human Niagara Falls man, i drown everything as i walk past - you wouldn't even qualify !! :D :D
October 15 2016 17:06:39 nuno1959 GemmyF
well I'm not scaird. Love to be shrunken down and have a go against all your collected "Digs" As in dig your grave, You'll be living there a long time! Big Boys! As far as your GMO hamster, well...... NO Comment! except (beside Anderson Cooper and Richard Gere) It's bowels are probably all tumor-ed up as I would imagine you supplement it's "Meat" meals with USA made GMO corn Products! Hey when you go pee here, when you come to "Kick"it...Remember when you sit to pee.........
October 15 2016 04:48:36
This is a trip and very good playing
+0 October 15 2016 05:04:44 axenvocs GemmyF
Thanks! Thanks for the listen!

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