Saturday night ∞

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here they are as ©PeterD wrote(below) them--sang this story if I had a video crew following "me" through the night

V 1:
It was Saturday night, about ten.

I was stinking drunk again.

I was staggering home from pillar to post,

I was lost and confused, and then…

The circle was complete.

I'm on a very lonely street.

Just another evening, getting drunk

It's just second nature to me.

V 2:
I rolled over and hit my head.

My body felt deader than dead.

So, I took a shot of vodka to kill the pain

Of making a doorway my bed.

The circle was complete.

I'm on a very lonely street.

Just another evening, getting drunk

It's just second nature to me.

Instrument break.

V 3:
I got home about quarter to four

And I managed to open the door.


October 17 2016 07:51:06
radusradus It's just perfect, man! Compliments for this song!

October 16 2016 13:49:58
slinslin very cool Gemmy...
+0 October 16 2016 14:23:42 slinGemmyF
Thanks Slin!
October 15 2016 16:09:43
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Gemmy !! I'm happy you did again ! Super! :)
+1 October 15 2016 16:11:49 frankyguitarGemmyF
just reposted. Listened to it yesterday and said "what the heck", up it goes! Thanks for the listen!
October 15 2016 16:17:14 frankyguitarGemmyF
I like the infinity sign on the title--I think that's the best thing about the whole thing, besides the music!
October 15 2016 16:31:28 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
LOL, Gemmy, you are too funny :D
October 15 2016 11:44:15
DemianDemian perfect sing
+1 October 15 2016 16:15:53 DemianGemmyF
Thanks for the listen. Great tune to sign over. Love the cello, wished there were more folks on the site that would play cello. It is a great way to sweeten a tune!
October 15 2016 11:02:41
frenziefrenzie Thnx man very cool!! Great!! :) :)

October 15 2016 08:25:02
UloisiusUloisius G R E A T ;o)

October 15 2016 05:02:49
BothenBothen Old School ballad, excellent!!


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