Where Everything Ends.

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"Where Everything Ends" - is a song I wrote in the late 90´s. It was recorded in a danish studio that probably was one of the most fancy in my country at that time. It was never published and the only copyrights is the right that goes with the fact that I´m the only one who have the song.
Today almost 20 years later as a member of the Loops I figured that if this song should ever be presented ...


Very nice Peter! :)+0
francisco al
ótima sequência. isso é um CD pronto, bom trabalho, Peterpingo+1
December 19 2016 04:34:40
francisco al
Peterpingo Thank you so much my friend. I´m so glad you like it. :) +0
Thanks for sharing this fun song... it's a fine work Peter... enjoyed a lot :)+0
October 16 2016 19:17:57
Peterpingo Thank you very much Bruce. I´m very glad that you like it. It´s an old song and in some way like an old pal of mine. :) +1
Hi Peter, a very nice song! I get a good mood when listening!Cool that you share it with us, many thanks!+0
October 16 2016 19:21:43
Peterpingo Thank you Peter. I´m just so happy to be able to share this "old fellow" with all you wonderful people. :) +1
WOWWWWW! this more than 25 years song sounds a hits! great composition, you sing so great, cmon man sing some more now! would be so happy to hear you, great melody, wonderful harmonies, great structure and arr! excellent stuff Peter!, that over tune very tasty touch!+0
October 16 2016 05:22:09
Peterpingo Hehe....Thank you SO much Alice. Getting praised by you for my voice might be one of the greatest compliments on that tpic I have ever got. :) I´m so happy that you like it my dear friend. But part of the "viocing" might be, caused by that it was produced in a very prof studio with a very good producer and a "quite" expensive Mic. But it really warms my heart to read your kind words and I will definitely consider to make another singing in another song or jam later. :) +0
Marcelo D
Wowowowow. It's amazing Peter. It have that Beatles flavor. Its fresh even having 20 yo. Thanks for sharing your art with us :)+0
October 15 2016 17:56:48
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Thank you very much Marcelo. It means a lot to me that you like it. :) +1
That's the place for sharing own stuff too!! So friendly from you Peter, it's a nice "happy song" with a cool "Folk" colors almost "World" with congas beat.
Merci et Bravo
October 15 2016 09:27:37
Peterpingo Thank you so much Tof. :) The Conga player was actually a very good friend of mine. He did a great job on the song and he was even a part of the mixing process too. ;) +0

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