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A little ditty with Pat and Balfo =)

Wonderful song, thanks!


October 22 2016 02:58:47
I found now. That sound of your guitar is close to the sound of the violin. You are amazing to have that sound.

October 16 2016 15:18:55
beautiful and peaceful!
+1 October 16 2016 16:10:01 Pewi Psycho
Thanks Pewi... like I've been writing to most here, it's a great song and guitar work. I would have felt like I passed up a fine opportunity if I didn't at least try it :)
October 16 2016 13:36:53
This is Avery Fine solo Bruce!! Fits wonderful !! :)
+1 October 16 2016 16:07:30 frankyguitar Psycho
Like you franky, I work so much, it 's getting hard to play here like I used to. But when I heard this I made the time... a great song !! Thanks my friend :)
October 16 2016 21:06:46 frankyguitar frankyguitar
I hope you get some off days maybe! 8 or 9 weeks is Christmas time, time to rest my friend and time for peace. Take care my friend.... :)
October 17 2016 02:07:38 frankyguitar Psycho
Things should slow down as the cold sets in. It was 85F today. Next week looks to be in the 70's. It was 65 degrees on Christmas last year. The weather is very strange here :)
October 17 2016 05:12:51 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Why don't you say you moved to Hawaii?? LOL Yes, very strange!! What will come next, sunburning on 25. December???
October 16 2016 10:42:20
Hey Bruce, your solo put a smile on my face, thank you so much my friend!
+1 October 16 2016 16:05:52 Balfo Psycho
Thanks Balfo, you nailed this song by Pat just right, so I really wanted to try it. Thank you for all you do :)
October 16 2016 00:52:26
great emotion flowing from your guitar , that string sing very lovely Big Psy!
+1 October 16 2016 16:04:13 aleonz Psycho
Thanks my friendly Big Al... you always say such thoughtful words... a great work by Pat and Balfo :)
October 15 2016 20:58:34
+1 October 16 2016 16:02:44 PECA Psycho
Thank you very much PECA :)
October 15 2016 20:44:08
Thank you Bruce for refining the song with your great lead! :)
+1 October 16 2016 15:57:11 pkliesch Psycho
It's a wonderful song Pat and then Balfo put that great guitar to it. I have another favorite :) Thanks goes both ways !!
October 15 2016 17:54:09
Awesome Psych :)my friend
+1 October 16 2016 16:02:10 ivax Psycho
Thanks ivax... it's such a cool song and guitar by Balfo. I just had to give it a try :)
October 15 2016 17:47:03
Superb lead guitar Bruce! :)
+1 October 16 2016 16:00:39 Stef Psycho
Thanks Stef... I have had to work so much the past few weeks, everything I do has been rushed. This seems to be a little better than I thought, especially with the later adds :)
October 15 2016 15:48:31
nice lead Bruce
+1 October 15 2016 16:03:22 GemmyF Psycho
Thanks Gem... great job by these guys. Just wanted to give it a try :)
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