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+ 21
added vocals on this one.
Glad no one can say I sound like Bowie on this one.
I know who I(think) I sound like, but, do you?
I will clarify that it is the beginning singer sound
and has nothing to do with effects--the ...


October 16 2016 16:58:33
Caroljoyce This is a great jam ! High quality contributions from all of you on this title ! I'm so impressed.+1
October 16 2016 17:00:45
GemmyF I agree!(well for the other guys anyway) Really great Stuff! +1
October 16 2016 01:18:58
nuno1959 Amazing add G, not only i'm not kicking you anymore, i'm filling an application to demand your government to exempt you from taxes !!
You still can be shot in the street by a cop but hey who's counting ?? :D :D
Loved listening to this, GREAT vocals, great control in the use of effects.. perfect !!
October 16 2016 01:22:15
GemmyF You mean my tax dollars won't fund illegal wars and massacres, No don't do that! Please don't talk to them! Please! +1
October 16 2016 01:24:15
GemmyF This Thing Does Rock! +1
October 16 2016 01:29:59
nuno1959 Totally !! +1
October 15 2016 23:44:15
KMstar Alice? You sound like a dude to me, who is this Alice girl you all keep talking about? 😜+0
October 16 2016 00:03:14
GemmyF Get Realllllll! +1
October 15 2016 23:41:51
KMstar Great song, I am very impressed with everyones work here+1
October 16 2016 14:46:49
GemmyF Yeah! Great Work One this one! +1
October 15 2016 22:30:17
frankyguitar AWESOME Gemmy !! This is a very very cool track man !! Great vocals !! :)+0
October 15 2016 22:32:59
GemmyF Thanks FrankyG!
Would you have been able to guess AC?
October 15 2016 22:39:56
frankyguitar I think no Gemmy. But I know not much songs from him, only his greatest. :) You really nailed this cool track totally. Singing is great and I like the effects, very cool work !:) +1
October 15 2016 22:51:01
GemmyF His 1st 3 albums ARE Awesome! Me and another super square guy(his dad was a bank president)(and he was really popular at school) were kind of friends one summer and the two of us "squares" LOVED Alice. It's really funny to me to think back on that! I hurt my back and had to quit football(The Brutal American Football) and all those folks who were my friends quickly weren't my friends. I was a quitter! I'm listening to a song I recorded just now with PaulB Owens and the other FrankieJ---it's real soft and heart string tugging and tears are dropping as I recount the tale of those guys dumping me! NAW!!!!! It's just the wine! No Really! It's the wine! I don't care!! Really. Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo +0
October 15 2016 22:56:23
frankyguitar Hey Jim, I think much people have false friends, maybe the whole life, and do not know this.... poor ! I think my friend Franky (lol, much guys called franky) has this records, hope I can listen this, if I meet him, maybe next week! Thanx for the info :) +1
October 15 2016 23:02:01
GemmyF Well It takes a lifetime to learn things! The FrakieJ I'm talking about is the American Great Guitar Player #86677 is what I've sung on but I'm not finished yet. My father-in-law is playing chess with my son and I don't want to irritate him with my singing. But he's leaving soon and I'll post it soon! Completely opposite of this Alice Cooper sound! and in meaning too! +1
October 15 2016 23:14:12
frankyguitar Cool, will listen it :) +0
October 15 2016 21:37:15
wiseshanks Great vocal and cool lyrics!+2
October 15 2016 21:46:53
GemmyF Thanks Great Music Bed always makes it easy. Drums Were Great! +1
October 15 2016 21:32:47
bhunt1 awesome - love it! I do hear the early Alice Cooper vibe going on - Alice's original band was awesome - Glen Buxton on guitar and the bassist Dennis Dunaway had excellent bass lines - an old classmate of mine is an occasional guest player in the band Blue Coupe w Dennis Dunaway and the Bouchard Bros from Blue Oyster Cult+1
October 15 2016 22:13:30
GemmyF Cool! +1
October 15 2016 21:04:01
ivax :D:D awesome Gemmy ,Super :)+1
October 15 2016 21:09:47
GemmyF Thanks XAVI. I posted on the shout box when Nuno greeted you in Spanish and said "greeting Neighbor" to you...I posted "well there goes the neighborhood" I took it down though, But man I feel for you! +1
October 15 2016 21:00:22
PaulBOwens Wow... this is so cool Gemmy... its got some of the Bono "Fly" vibe happening! Excellent creativity and imagination at work :)+1
October 15 2016 20:44:34
TeeGee Arthur Brown?+0
October 15 2016 20:45:44
GemmyF Good Guess But No!
You can Try Again!
October 15 2016 20:51:52
TeeGee Damn Artur was the first that jumped into my head hen I heard the song, and the second would be Alice Cooper. But whatever, great song. I love what you do with songs. Seriously, we got to do some crazy shizzle together soon! +0
October 15 2016 20:55:14
GemmyF WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1
October 15 2016 22:30:07
TeeGee :D +1
October 15 2016 22:52:23
GemmyF Hey YOU do know this was almost rigged!
You were destined to win from the get-go!
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