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Major 3rd463 jams
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this is not a serious effort at vocals ..though the message is sincere its for fun and a laugh....the message is for the american voters because its election time..so this is a message alert...x the elect...its pretty weak...being its a joke song im not going to put anymore time in it....lol later if someone adds to original template then we can add real vocals...please understand i know its weak vocally...haha I did it real fast for fun...cheers...lyrics below...add ...


Awesome song and so true Major:)
I seriously worry about the shape of things to come:@
October 19 2016 05:11:28
Major 3rd thanks Mortheol, yes, I think many of us are...anxiety over here..lol 2 morrow big debate...oh boy +1
October 19 2016 15:30:22
mortheol Yep tonight! It is like watching a train wreck, you cant look away from:o
I hope I can make it thru without smashing my TV. Every time I see Hildabeast's face I want to punch the screen.:@
I am really praying for a Trump landslide so there is no doubt!
October 19 2016 17:53:13
Major 3rd haha I already threw my tv out...so i can only check in on selective occasions via the internet...I have to be careful not too much or i break computer screen...lol or desk..same here on Trump! I know where my vote is going. ;O) +1
I have to think everyone here is very smart in knowing "the crook" will be a catastrophe if elected. Nuff said... except while it's a fun song it does have it's place !!+1
October 17 2016 07:43:16
Major 3rd thanks psycho...agreed! +1
very cool Major...+1
October 17 2016 07:43:23
Major 3rd ty +0
Fabricio L
Perfect work!+1
October 17 2016 07:43:35
Fabricio L
Major 3rd ty fabricio +0
Great Major !! This election is really very very strange......
Very cool :)
October 17 2016 07:43:56
Major 3rd it sure is! lol thanks franky ;O) +1
francisco al
bom trabalho, Major. criou legal+1
October 15 2016 20:13:09
francisco al
Major 3rd ;o) +0
Lenny Cowler
October 15 2016 19:59:15
Lenny Cowler
Major 3rd ty Lenny +1
Most of them were about Chelea's wedding!+1
October 15 2016 19:59:02
Major 3rd not sure...their missing...lol +0
October 15 2016 20:04:20
GemmyF The Russian's Let start a War with the Russians They hacked into it!
Yeah that will solve things!
October 15 2016 20:07:10
Major 3rd no kidding huh..Lets go send money and weapons to terrorists and then blame the russian....lets have a WAR! just what the world needs..all for freedom..lol cheers Gemmy! x em! +0
October 15 2016 20:12:08
GemmyF Well hmmmmm let me think, well, yeah that sounds reasonable. USA USA USA. FUBAR! Cheers hey listen to the one I posted today(we were thinking a lot alike) # 86664 plus win the contest! +1
October 15 2016 20:14:52
Major 3rd I'll check that out now...funny you say that..we were thinking alike.When i did the vocal effects on left I was thinking...what might Gemmy do...lol thanks ..checking that out now... +1
Great Gitfiddles, you sound like one of them rednecks! they are always hat'in on!+1
October 15 2016 19:58:44
Major 3rd patriot....redneck..;O) +0
Hot d'ern Craig that was deplorable!!!!!!
Loved it!
October 15 2016 19:58:03
Major 3rd haha ;o) +0

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