Alley's Song

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Too charming this superb track. Fantastic music and then the amazing voice of Anne.... Thank you Dafunkydrummer, Dan, OB-Lix and Anne for this opportunity I added the Hammond Thank you for listening
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I haven't listened to this one in this really brings it back to when I was writing and working with Anne through the arrangement etc. Really wonderful tone, feel and choices on your lines Stef. Thank you for this amazing addition :)+2
October 16 2016 01:05:07
AnneCozean singer's a bit too loud, wot? :) +1
October 16 2016 01:07:32
Danalyze45 When the singer(s) are awesome...this is a non issue :) +1
October 16 2016 01:26:15
Stef Thanks Dan, for me it's a huge pleasure to play when you find a track of great quality like this. You have created a wonderful structure enriched by fantastic musicians support. Thanks again my friend! :) +1
October 16 2016 01:32:29
Danalyze45 The sisters are the story on this one. Great bass, great drums and then Anne and her sister made this little idea really shine :) +2
aha! you've got some great intros! i really like that edgy :21. you add such a fine lacy feeling to this. you were another sisterly voice at 2:31. thank you, Stef! i'm glad you found us and we found you. :)+2
October 16 2016 01:46:21
Stef Sister Anne, is always a great emotion to accompany wonderful voices like yours so I have to thank you Sisters and all these great guys. I'm happy if I can make a small contribution even I to this wonderful song. Thank you so much Anne! :) +0
When you add keys last and it sounds like the singer sang to your music then you get this "Absolutely PERFECT BEAUTIFUL song" My friend Bravo !!! :)+2
October 16 2016 01:49:27
Stef Thank you so much Axen for your beautiful words! :) +1
This is one has your signature Stef. It's awesome. Great playing and mix.+1
October 16 2016 20:30:39
Marcelo D
Stef Thank you so much again Marcelo! :) +1
October 16 2016 20:30:57
Lenny Cowler
Stef Thanks a lot Brother! :) +1
Very great add Stef ! Wonderful complement :)+1
October 16 2016 20:31:49
Stef Merci mon ami! :) +1
very nice add Stef...+1
October 16 2016 20:32:08
Stef Thanks a lot Nils! :) +0
You found a fine track to play on. Your Hammond sure fits in to make it that much more complete and great !!+1
October 16 2016 20:36:00
Stef Hard to do better, this fantastic track was already perfect. I just hope to have brought a little bit of atmosphere with great humility! Thank you so much Bruce! :) +1
October 17 2016 02:09:46
Psycho You definitely did :) +0
Your hammond is the excellent solid ground that support vocals harmonies Stef, and it's always become an excellent ingredient that spice up the track, and that is so WOW!+1
October 16 2016 20:36:57
Stef Always thank you so much Alice for these beautiful words! :) +0
You did it, it is almost impossible to improve Anne's tracks but my friend, you did n Aces! Your hammond intro and you backing is lush and beautiful!+1
October 16 2016 21:26:00
Stef Thank you so much Dan! i have tried my best! +0
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