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My son "Another Man" with my first attempt at bass. Please add some lead and or vocals for me. there is plenty of room still!
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Well done. Great comp, mix, tone, lyrics, an overall great jam+1
cool and clean !+1
Easy to listen track!
I like this, man!
nice !+1
nice organic sounds !+1
Awesome! :)+1
Another Man" by Loren Brown (aka -Bluzcaster)

(intro/ instrumental 12 bars)

People say there is a woman...
There's a lady for every man.
People say there is a lady...
got to find mine if I can.
Sometimes I gotta wonder...
(pause/break in music)
Did she settle for another man?

My friends they tried to tell me...
there's a lady for every man.
My family tried to tell me...
there's a lady for every man.
But you won't find one around me...
(pause/ break)
Gonna find her with another man.

(12 bars instrumental)

More than one fish in the ocean...
even more swimming in the sea.
Got the number nine of potions.
got the time to wait and see.
But the last time lovin found me?
(pause/ break)
Another man came and set me free.

People say there is a woman...
There's a lady for every man.
If it's true there is a lady...
trying to find me where I am.
Just leave your name and number.
Don't you give it to another man"
Thanks Peter. I hope you can find some time to play along with it or maybe add something to it.+0
Thanks again guys. Adam, check this out- I was able to create a more 'live' sound for your drums by using the "8 Band" equalizer on my sequencer (Ableton Live)- by creating nulls in between the frequencies of the Snare - Kick and cymbals. It's a cool technique that I know I'll be using again soon!.+0

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