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FrankieJ232 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)


nuno1959550 jams Supporter
+ 19
Bloody hell ! I fell immediately in love with this tune by FrankieJ & jumped right in on it..
Frankie, i must apologise because in an effort to remove some hiss i slightly EQ'ed your original track, just cut a bit of mid/high treble !
SO simple & SO beautiful, it required much care not to bury under any bass add so i tried to keep it real simple but still interesting..
Between that & my lack of recording/mixing skills, I really hope i didn't maim it too much
Amazing template !!


October 18 2016 12:00:11
i like it very much, sounds wonderful !
+1 October 18 2016 12:52:29 saxvandie nuno1959
Thanks SV, i really enjoyed playing this !
Good to know you liked it buddy ! ;)
October 17 2016 11:04:33
wow, i like very much this sharper relief you've done to the acoustic guitar. You advantageously emphasized it. The result is very beautiful.
+1 October 17 2016 12:20:41 Caroljoyce nuno1959
Thank you so much CJ, much appreciated !
I'm very glad you enjoyed listening to it ;)
October 17 2016 09:30:53
wonderful add nuno ;o)
+1 October 17 2016 12:19:43 Uloisius nuno1959
Thanks so much Ulo ! Are you any better from your runny nose ?
Mine feels like Niagara Falls… :D :D
October 17 2016 16:41:09 Uloisius Uloisius
thank you for the question nuno, yes, i feel better now ;o)
hope you get well soon ;o)
October 17 2016 04:24:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very pleasant to listen:)
+1 October 17 2016 04:38:47 Lenny Cowler nuno1959
Thanks a lot brother Lenny.. ;)
October 17 2016 00:21:18
Good one from the two of you. Such a pleasure to come back to music like this.
+1 October 17 2016 01:47:06 Wade nuno1959
Hey Wade, there you are !! Cool..
Very happy you liked this, i had such a good time doing it.
Work load somewhat lighter now ? Hope so - i miss your tunes Mr. !.. ;)
October 17 2016 08:34:30 Wade Wade
No, workload awful, but trying to listen a little. Takes a lot less time listening and typing than playing and editing which is a huge time drain.
October 16 2016 22:44:39
Fantastic playing by the both of you
+1 October 16 2016 22:59:51 axenvocs nuno1959
Thank you so much AX, it did come out quite nice indeed.. ;)
October 16 2016 22:02:51
Fantastic sound nuno
+1 October 16 2016 22:33:21 GlezBass nuno1959
Running so many FX, the Algarve was left momentarily without electrical power…. :D Muchas gracias GB !!
October 16 2016 21:13:27
Really a Great add Nuno!! So well played, fits excellent. :)
+1 October 16 2016 22:32:06 frankyguitar nuno1959
Thanks so much Franky G !!
Am very glad you enjoyed listening to it..
October 16 2016 20:36:22
Such a beautiful add nuno.
So melodic. Unique.
No apology necessary. The mix is very good and an improvement to my ear.
I apologize for my inconsistent timing. I struggle with the metronome :)
Thanks my friend.

+1 October 16 2016 22:31:19 FrankieJ nuno1959
What a relief you liked it - because of my ''Bull in a China Shop'' playing tendencies, i always get cold feet when tackling something more delicate… :D
Re-timing : i can't REALLY count ( i get lost, long story... ) & must do it by feel so… no problemo my friend !!
Was an enormous pleasure doing this one ;)
October 16 2016 20:10:31
Grande Nuno bel lavoro!
+1 October 16 2016 22:26:30 docnat nuno1959
Grazie mille Marco !

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