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If any wikilooper wants to follow this magnificent Patrick jam by this way ... a soft brushes session and hit hat simulation on beat groove (playing brushes on tin box)


October 17 2016 09:51:07
LieschingLiesching Perfect Match, GB! Awesome!
+1 October 17 2016 09:58:08 LieschingGlezBass
Was not easy to fit as perfectly as possible the beat with a slight swing, but .... came out at the end after a little practice
October 17 2016 09:42:02
UloisiusUloisius Great add GB ;o)
+1 October 17 2016 09:56:42 UloisiusGlezBass
October 17 2016 08:44:27
WadeWade Such a good sense of rhythm that ties the bass and piano together.
+1 October 17 2016 09:56:52 WadeGlezBass
Thanks Wade
October 17 2016 00:29:42
tyros4tyros4 me parece que ese bajo acústico es del teclado yamaha
o al menos se parece muchisimo
pero todo suena genial muy bueno :)

+1 October 17 2016 00:34:37 tyros4GlezBass
Pues no lo se, la verdad no uso nada los bajos del se porque ....
October 17 2016 00:35:39 tyros4tyros4
porque suenan a plástico
y teniendo varios bajos de verdad para que utilizar el de teclado jajaj
October 17 2016 00:37:04 tyros4tyros4
yo antes utilizaba los de yamaha pero no me gustaban y me descargue unos de orange tree samples que parecen de verdad
pero con un bajista y un bajo real el sonido cambia del todo
October 17 2016 00:37:39 tyros4GlezBass
aqui puedes ver el arsenal de bajos...
October 17 2016 00:48:57 tyros4tyros4
lo vi esta mañana
cuando subes un video el movil me avisa
October 17 2016 00:49:25 tyros4tyros4
es una pasada :O
October 16 2016 22:11:16
pklieschpkliesch Very cool sound on the tin! Thank's for this superbe add, Mario! :)
+1 October 16 2016 22:17:53 pklieschGlezBass
You are welcome :), now there are more variety for the next "daring" ....
October 16 2016 22:02:40
jamladyjamlady perfekt!
+1 October 16 2016 22:05:02 jamladyGlezBass
Thanks jamlady, almost perfect .... it is difficult to keep the groove brush well, is not easy ... but has left something to be heard and given a little groove to the fantastic jam of Patrick
October 16 2016 22:18:59 jamladyjamlady
For me it is the most important to have the right music feeling and idea. Technically it is often difficult. therefore perfect

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