Don't Chicken Out

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Sorry for the recent absence. Moving, etc., etc... Anyway, this has been my first opportunity to get on my drums since the trip to Steinfeld, such is the disarray moving house has caused!

Anyway, this track has already been done by most of the Loops' finest so I'm very late to the party and probably too late to make much of a difference. DFD is on this loop so what chance do I have? But this track had an important word in it's title: 'Chicken' and I certainly can hear the influence. I performed 'The Chicken' as one of my graduation pieces at Musician's Institute. It's one of my favourite pieces of jazz funk of all time.

So here it is. I jammed it as I was short on time after setting up all my recording gear for the first time in ages. Sorry. I think I hit all but the last changeover.


So good to be back. No reverb/compression on HD mix.


October 19 2016 18:45:58
Pit BrettPit Brett 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓Tastsy chicken🐓🐓🐔!

October 19 2016 14:18:12
OliVBeeOliVBee Off course you get my thumb ... Late or not is not relevant anyway ! :)
Very cool playing and a real joy to listen to you again ! So glad you had fun with this one :D ... Sorry i won't be able to mix before a lil while ;)

October 17 2016 18:27:05
FrankisaurFrankisaur Nice!

October 17 2016 09:43:10
UloisiusUloisius first class drumming ;o)

October 17 2016 08:47:08
WadeWade I've been absent as well, so am hearing this for the first time. Sounds mighty fine to need to look for other versions. Excellent!

October 17 2016 07:43:57
jaeusmjaeusm Nice drumming! Glad to hear you back at it :)

October 17 2016 07:08:47
MarceysMarceys Martin! So great to hear your play again! You gave a great swing to the track and created a cool playground for the bassplayers!
You got a good place for your drumkit in your new house? Good luck and hapiness in your new environment! :)

+3 October 18 2016 12:56:51 Marceysmpointon
Thanks, Marc. Nowhere in the house for the kit for now, unfortunately. Once stuff has been put in its place, I may be able to set it up for recording.
October 17 2016 05:05:24
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect play with great sound bro:)

October 17 2016 02:35:58
schwaglrschwaglr Love it :)

October 17 2016 01:47:49
PsychoPsycho Been awhile Martin... great to hear you again and on this wonderful track... so well played as always :)

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