Don't Chicken Out

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Sorry for the recent absence. Moving, etc., etc... Anyway, this has been my first opportunity to get on my drums since the trip to Steinfeld, such is the disarray moving house has caused! Anyway, this track has already been done by most of the Loops' finest so I'm very late to the party and probably too late to make much of a difference. DFD is on this loop so what chance do I have? But this track had an important word ...


Martin! So great to hear your play again! You gave a great swing to the track and created a cool playground for the bassplayers!
You got a good place for your drumkit in your new house? Good luck and hapiness in your new environment! :)
October 18 2016 12:56:51
mpointon Thanks, Marc. Nowhere in the house for the kit for now, unfortunately. Once stuff has been put in its place, I may be able to set it up for recording. +1
Awesome Martin, very good drumming+1
Hey cool take on this number, nice to hear your drum style again! Welcome back :)+1
October 18 2016 12:53:33
mpointon Thanks, Ernie! Your add's a total blast too!! +1
Great tp hear you again Martin - and what a great track to make your re-entry with :)+1
October 18 2016 12:55:26
mpointon Thanks, man! Got a lot of catching up to do! +0
Fantastic Martin.
Welcome back :)
So cool to hear your poom chak again!!
You have your own sound
October 18 2016 12:55:51
mpointon Thank you, Tof! It's great to be back! +0
Moving house AGAIN !? Don't tell me you murdered the moron neighbour & had to flee the area !? :O
Lovely to hear you again Martin !! As always, at the top of your game ! Great add.. ;)
October 18 2016 12:55:05
mpointon Not again although it's becoming a possibility given our neighbour's problems.

We've only just finished moving Elly's stuff in and there's nowhere to put it all. Along with all my gear being in the wrong place after the trip to Steinfeld I've just not had a chance to record until now.
Fantastic, Martin. Great to hear you again!,:)+1
Great playing Martin. So nice to see that you didn´t forget how to play during your trip. :)+1
Been awhile Martin... great to hear you again and on this wonderful track... so well played as always :)+1
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