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Well...some of you may know..I bought an old sax on ShopGoodwill.Com. I wanted to learn to do my own repairs on my upper end horns..but didn't want to learn using them. So here's my $86 horn I bought, and dis-assembled, completely re-padded, and re-assembled. Tof calls it "Old Blue"..I like that name as it has a nice patina to it. I'm told it's an Orsi stencil..made in Italy ..most likely from the 40's or so. Wanna say thanks to Piexe and Alice for this wonderful template. Again..I appreciate playing with such wonderful talent..:)


November 11 2016 01:19:14
saxvandiesaxvandie that´s amazing ...

November 10 2016 10:37:00
titititi Just beautiful !

October 20 2016 00:02:26
WadeWade Great job on the rebuild, and here's the proof! Nice tone and well played!

October 19 2016 18:16:10
PeixePeixe This Old Blue sounds wonderful my friend. Thanks for joining again. Always a pleasure to have you on board.

October 18 2016 22:44:39
aleonzaleonz You always bring a wonderful feeling with your tasty play, and this old Orsi sax sounds wonderful Mark! so glad you sweeten up this track!
+1 October 19 2016 00:07:22 aleonzFishinmissio
Aww Alice you are so nice! Just thought it would be a nice template to break in the horn.. I'm amazed at your wonderful ability to come up with great lyrics :)
October 18 2016 20:57:11
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Well what can i say - great tone and playing. you know that instrument inside out! Well done Mark
+1 October 19 2016 00:07:57 PaulBOwensFishinmissio
Thanks Paul :)
October 18 2016 17:14:32
jjdfjjdf lovely add!!!! :)
+1 October 19 2016 00:08:16 jjdfFishinmissio
Thank you :)
October 18 2016 17:04:54
slinslin very good sax playing there Fishinmissio...
+1 October 19 2016 00:08:41 slinFishinmissio
Thanks..just a hobby player :)
October 18 2016 15:03:45
StefStef Beautiful sound from your old Orsi sax! Really a great add Mark! :)
+1 October 19 2016 00:09:45 StefFishinmissio
Thanks Stef...I sent pics to the Orsi plant today if they can confirm it's one of theirs. :)
October 18 2016 07:45:29
PeterpingoPeterpingo You really re-assembled that sax successfully. This add is a perfect prove to that. Wonderful sound and play Fishinmissio. :)
+1 October 19 2016 00:10:10 PeterpingoFishinmissio
Not the first few times :)

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