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Nach dem coolen add von Marceys habe ich noch ein paar kleine Gimmicks eingebaut, ich hoffe es gefällt euch ;o)
After the cool add of Marcys I added some little gimmicks, I hope you like it ;o)

This Song is part of the Album „Weihnachten“




December 01 2016 14:54:45
Super track Uli:);)
+1 December 02 2016 07:50:14 petebass Uloisius
Thank you very much Pete ;)
October 23 2016 04:09:34
Ooh so good.
+1 October 23 2016 09:19:07 NewbieSax Uloisius
Thank you very much ;o)
October 19 2016 17:39:13
Loving what you have done to this song...you and marcys vocals and of course Fishinmissio's wonderful sax has made it special for me...thank you Uloisius.😁
+1 October 20 2016 07:47:42 MalCo Uloisius
Not to forget, the foundation of everything is your FANTASTIC template MalCo ;o)
October 19 2016 16:37:51
DAMN COOL Uloisius...
+1 October 20 2016 07:45:16 slin Uloisius
Thank you very much slin ;o)
October 19 2016 12:08:47
Nice Ulo!
+1 October 20 2016 07:43:28 Mishteria Uloisius
Thank you very much Mish ;o)
October 19 2016 07:55:00
Ah yeah! Drove back home yesterday late and played this version very loud in the car! Became way cool!
We should do a special song with some more singers and they all should sing in their native language! :) idea?

+3 October 20 2016 07:43:00 Marceys Uloisius
That sounds like a very good idea Marc ;o)
How could this be realized?
October 20 2016 07:51:02 Marceys Marceys
Goodmoning Uloisius! Coffe time! :)
We could try to set it up in the forum, we need a cool track that is allround and got room for singers to get their personal touch in their......we need some sort of melody and a subject to sing about! And than people can work on it! Think it will be a cool thing when all the vocal tracks would be mixed by one person to get the sound equally!
October 20 2016 08:16:43 Marceys Uloisius
The idea with the forum I find good. We might have to know how many vocalists would be interested in this project, and we would know how long the template would have to be ;o)

The topic about the sung then one could decide together in the forum.

The thing that one person mixes all the vocal tracks so that a common sound is created I think for very good.

I would like to go with you this project, for the consultation in the forum, however my English is too bad. I always have problems following the discussions and the Google Translator helps me because not always further.
October 20 2016 08:24:18 Marceys Marceys
Allright! I will set something up in the forum and see where it is going! In the meantime we can search for a good solid template that has a great remixsound so we can use it as the starting point! :)
October 20 2016 08:32:36 Marceys Uloisius
Oh, I'm very excited about this project ;o)
October 20 2016 08:40:33 Marceys Marceys
Cool! Made a first setup in the forum!
October 19 2016 05:47:21
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
wow all those layered voices sound AWESOME Ulo! wow....gorgeous vocals!
+1 October 19 2016 07:28:38 Major 3rd Uloisius
Thank you very much Major, to sing together with Marcys was a great pleasure for me ;o)
October 19 2016 04:56:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)
+1 October 19 2016 07:26:48 Lenny Cowler Uloisius
Thank you very much Lenny ;o)
October 19 2016 03:38:32
super Ulo!!! :)
+1 October 19 2016 07:26:26 jjdf Uloisius
Thank you very much jj ;o)
October 19 2016 02:14:59
This is such a good feeling tune. Brought a big smile to my face and lifted me out of this horrible migraine I've had...well, the drugs helped as well.
+3 October 19 2016 07:25:46 Wade Uloisius
Thank you very much Wade, I hope your migraine will pass quickly. I'm glad you like our song ;o)

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