Stardust Cocktail

step I
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Total heartbreak each time with Marc's Music
But today, that's the day!
So I let the feeling drive and play along with the Maestro, accompanying him in his solo..
A dream


Magic is here. Glad to hear you on this Tof. Beautiful:) 3:01 goosebumps+2
Ouuiiiie, Maitre Tof! Hop hop hop! Excellent! And so fast! Bravo, mon ami. Love your ideas and colours you painted on this track.+1
October 21 2016 19:38:48
Tofzegrit Our souls have crossed their way!! Not tuned on my first try stopped after 2mn then the second try one take and edit!! The power of music 🎶 ah la la la merci Marc💜 +2
great work man! You always hit the ambience of a track! :)+1
October 21 2016 20:24:20
Tofzegrit The symbiosis is nice with the MARC 🎶:)
Merci... Marc!
Fntastic added Chris, wonderful tone and line guitar+1
Ah fantastic journey.
I've been listening to this one too.
Super! Nice colours you added! Very Fine Tof! :)+1
wow!!Great feeling bro:)+1
October 22 2016 08:44:22
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit Merci! Sometimes feeling is the star of the show :) +1
October 22 2016 08:46:12
Tofzegrit Agree :)
Always a gift listen to yourself playing something you could not imagine before. Merci Gary
fantastic playing !!+1
October 22 2016 08:47:07
Tofzegrit It comes so easy sometimes... Take it take it :)
Merci Chris
You poured a wonderful line and color to this track Tof!+1
October 22 2016 08:47:53
Tofzegrit So magic sometimes :)
Merci Al'

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