Unholy Ethereal Way

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Need Bass, Vocals, maybe keyboard. New ideas are welcome :) Thanks for listen.
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fantastic Fabricio :)+1
October 22 2016 18:16:28
Fabricio L Thank you Ivax ! :) +1
Man this is so good ! I love it+1
October 22 2016 18:17:25
Fabricio L Thank you my friend ! +1
francisco al
bom trabalho, Fabricio. criou legal. essa guitarra pega afinação perfeita. minha guitarra empenou o braço. gosto dos acordes...+1
October 22 2016 18:21:13
francisco al
Fabricio L Obrigado Francisco. Concordo com vc sobre a afinação, essa gibson que possuo tem um grave maravilhoso, e a afinação se mantém, mesmo sem microafinação. Pageui caro dela, mas valeu cada centavo, já tive guitarras que empenavam tb , não valem à pena, se puder gaste uma grana e compre a guita certa. Um abraço ! +0
October 24 2016 05:38:36
francisco al
francisco al valeu amigo Fabricio L +1
PQP Fabricio ! Viajei meu ... *)*+1
October 22 2016 18:31:26
Fabricio L Valeu irmão ! Pena que vc não toca nenhum instrumento, já falei pra vc , dá tempo ainda , vale à pena. +0
Mika Tohve
pure magic Fabricio!+1
October 22 2016 19:26:55
Mika Tohve
Fabricio L Thank you Mika ! :) Hopefully someone add bass and vocals. I am very curious about the end result. :) +0
October 22 2016 19:53:53
Mika Tohve
Mika Tohve sure me too... it will help anyone if you can add the chords or notes you play on guitar. +1
October 22 2016 23:01:56
Mika Tohve
Fabricio L Sorry but I dont know the name of some chords That I used, but now the infomation of tunning is correct and used three chords and some variation and scales between them as I wrote in correspondent box. Thank you again Mika! +1
October 23 2016 10:50:12
Mika Tohve
Mika Tohve thanks alot +0
awesome - love the mood on this track - great playing!+1
October 23 2016 00:37:17
Fabricio L Thanks for your words bhunt1! :) +1
Major 3rd
bro this is awesome!!!!! downloaded cheers!+1
October 23 2016 14:05:05
Major 3rd
Fabricio L Thanks Craig! :) +1
Lenny Cowler
Wow!!!Fantastic idea and play:)+1
October 23 2016 14:05:55
Lenny Cowler
Fabricio L Thanks a lot Lenny! ;) +1

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