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OK..Always a challenge to play with Marc's wonderful templates. I added tenor sax to this one..Hope everyone thinks it's OK. Thanks you Marc for such beautiful compositions. Always the utmost pleasure to join you!


The jazzy mood of this piece from Marc is a trap for Mark :)
That's simply beauty fool
wonderful fishi!:)+1
You made that tenor sing on this Mark-what a beautiful job you both did<3<3<3
November 27 2018 17:31:13
Fishinmissio Thanks Keith...I really enjoy playing on Marc's templates...Takes me back to my classical moments from high school. +0
I love that kind of eternal music :) Thanks man+1
Wow! :W Following the harmony beautifully Mr Z. Can you tell me what you’ve been taking? I’d like some too:W That’s such a melodic line you’re playing. Such excellent dynamics too. The passion is there and yet you controlled it so well. And of course the sound......I think if someone is looking for the foundations to build a house upon they can grab a few of your notes. Seriously excellent work Mark<3<3<3+1
March 27 2020 13:36:07
Fishinmissio Was surprised this was played on a tenor. Not sure which one it was. The first tenor I purchased at the local Pawn Shop(I'd never ever played one) Got me hooked. This would have either been #1 a Buescher Elkhart (Pawn Shop trial) or #2 the Series II that I acquired shortly after it dawned on me that I missed out on a whole lotta fun not playing a tenor:) Leisching's music is a good place to start if you're looking for some Classical work :) +1
Very nice and mellow Mark.+0
A challenge indeed, although I believe you met it with this wonderful sax work !!+0
Nice one Mark+0
Great sax Fish, fits very well!! :)+0
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