Till the End - Alice & Marcelo

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I am so happy to upload this track. I love reggae and Alice's vocals... So I put both together with loads of sweetness here. Alice aka Aleonz gave me the lovely gift of her vocals in this track. I programmed some reggae drums, played keys - piano, hammond, clav and fm - and added some muted guitars too. Alice added her lovely voice and a infinite talent that makes this one of my favorites tracks. It needs bass (a lot), guitars, brass and winds, percussion... ...


So good, I'm trying for a bassline ;)+0
Very cool song, Good Job! :)+0
Grooove! Muito bom!+1
November 19 2016 14:03:30
Marcelo D É o meu sangue rasta. Sou branco por fora mas meu coração é rasta hahaahah. Quem bom que vc curtiu. Abçs +0
'Smooth and Sweet' :)+1
November 09 2016 22:09:57
Marcelo D Thanks for hearing Malco :) +0
Excellent work here, and of course Alice's vocals complete it. Pro job my friend :)+1
November 02 2016 15:48:38
Marcelo D Thanks from me and Alice Davnel. its a pleasure to hear such compliment from another musician. Glad you liked :) +0
Freshness, joy, light along with your technique and the extraordinary voice of Alice!! You can not ask for more!! Fantastic Marcelo and Alice! :)+1
October 31 2016 19:22:59
Marcelo D Hi Stef. It was a great collaboration between me and Alice. We worked a lot on this one. Drum programming is my nightmare Stef. And mixing it is crazy hahahhaha we are used to one or two keys in the track, no more than three. Then with 15 tracks on to mix is hard but it's also great learning. Thanks from both of us. Glad you liked :) +0
francisco al
esse é peixe. camarada isso é muito legal+1
October 29 2016 14:28:19
francisco al
Marcelo D Graaaaande Francisco. O cara da guitarra de Santa Cruz. Um prazer e uma honra vc ter ouvido nosso som irmão. Muito obrigado meu e da Alice. +0
Such a light and bouncy reggae...almost seems like a different genera. Lovely! Great work from the two of you.+1
October 29 2016 14:26:44
Marcelo D Hi Wade. I would like to call this a sweet reggae style hahahah thanks from me and Alice for passing by my friend. Glad you liked :) +1
Hey Marcelo, this is the moment when I feel sad that I can not speak English.I really miss the words :) I can say: fantastic, good mood, joy of life ... very great work !! Thanks for that.+1
October 25 2016 20:52:05
Marcelo D hahahaha I don't have a perfect english either Peter but I can sense the truth in your words. Thanks for hearing us. Marcelo & Alice :) +1
Wow, you guys have really put forth the effort to create a quality track... it's fantastic... such a fine collaboration by you two !!!!+1
October 25 2016 13:25:31
Marcelo D Hi big Psy. In a place with so many talents as the loops we must try to reach the level of the guys talking to us on these comments. It's not an easy task. That's why we go for it full force. You deserve the best that we can offer.
I am so glad you liked it my friend.
Thanks from both of us:)

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