Dont Chicken Out -Martin mix

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OliVBee591 jams Supporter

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Here's a mix with Martin's take : seriously funky :)
use this mix if you like it and post as a remix of #86776


January 10 2017 18:25:24
Dang! Now i have to do a version of this mix too :D Great work OliVBee! <3
+1 January 10 2017 18:59:34 eGiL OliVBee
you can have fun if you like and already downloaded ... but we've decided to wipe out this template so don't be estonished if you can't find it anymore ! so i wouldnt post a remix if i were in your sneakers ;)
January 10 2017 19:03:07 eGiL eGiL
Wait! Are you joking now? :D
January 10 2017 19:04:46 eGiL OliVBee
nope !
January 10 2017 19:06:17 eGiL eGiL
Vandals! :D Why? :D
January 10 2017 19:10:14 eGiL OliVBee
because this template is too close to Pee Wee Ellis' "The Chicken" which was made very famous by Jaco Pastorius
January 10 2017 19:15:25 eGiL eGiL
Oh come on! That's just wrong :D Freedom of music and all :p :W
January 10 2017 19:24:43 eGiL OliVBee
this is a very valid point in an ideal world ... though we live in a world where money and laws dictate whats nice and whats not ... and copyrights are the railing keeping us out of the stash ;)
January 10 2017 19:33:56 eGiL eGiL
Lol, the irony of the title just hit me :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
October 28 2016 23:16:52
Adding the punch in the funk with that great clean mix.

October 26 2016 21:46:44

October 26 2016 08:19:23
Fabulous track and sound!
Anxiously await our bass brethern :)

October 26 2016 01:21:31
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, OliVBee. ideia muito legal abrilhantou

October 26 2016 00:43:46
Thank you for the remix, Oli! This is already a busy and popular tree so didn't expect this! As always, your ear for getting the best out of my recordings shines through - fantastic punch on the snare!

This was a troubled mix for me, in truth. I recorded to Marc's stem which didn't quite line up with the click so I adjusted it. Then, after recording, I found your remix so dropped that in instead to find the alignment was a bit different! You've put the lilt back beautifully! Thank you.

+2 October 26 2016 01:10:55 mpointon OliVBee
glad it worked out nicely :) cool drumming buddy !!
October 25 2016 17:47:55
It's great how this track is building on and on! A lot of cool versions already! This remix sounds real good too! Bit empty without a baddass bass though! :)
+2 October 26 2016 00:32:52 Marceys OliVBee
yes thats cool :) though one disapointing thing for me so far no Bb instrument add ??? whats wrong with that ??
October 25 2016 17:19:43
Tes mix sont vraiment bons , OlivBee !
+1 October 25 2016 17:20:36 Toshinho OliVBee
merci :)

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