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Added some acoustic lead and electric lead to this beautiful track.

Sorry for some clipping on the acoustic, I'm trying some new gear. I did one run and liked it so I kept it for fear of not being able to repeat it..LOL. I tried to clean it the best I could.

Thanks Rob, I had fun rambling along with you...:)


October 27 2016 19:52:01
cool and creative Ron.... chilled.
+1 October 31 2016 04:58:17 davidaustin mortheol
Thanks David, it was a cool jam:)
October 26 2016 22:28:47
so sphery beautiful :)
+1 October 27 2016 01:06:02 AKchen mortheol
Andrea, A BIG thank you:)
October 26 2016 20:31:10
sounds super Ron :)
+1 October 26 2016 21:54:22 abuitremorem mortheol
Hey, Hey Rene...many thanks my good Buddy:)
October 26 2016 18:50:12
Hey Ron,Awesome track buddy, great sound:);)
+1 October 26 2016 20:16:47 petebass mortheol
Thanks Peter!!!:)
I'm glad you dig it:D
October 26 2016 18:18:34
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
sounds great Mortheol...that huge spacious sound....awesome..you both sound great together
+1 October 26 2016 20:16:09 Major 3rd mortheol
Hi Craig, many thanks for the nice compliment:)
Always so cool to jam with Rob:D
October 26 2016 11:41:19
Hi Ron, you can't see me, but i'm in levitation over your head right now, so nice to hover in the air like that... ;) Your add is a magnificient one.
+2 October 26 2016 14:49:13 Caroljoyce mortheol
Hi Agnés, Merci beaucoup mon amie:)
So that was you floating over my head?:)
It makes me happy that I can give you flight..LOL:D
October 26 2016 16:31:02 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce
Yes, you can ! this is the great power of our rambling thoughts of meditation ! ;)
October 26 2016 16:34:50 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce
Besides this meditation led me to say that : Rob+Ron is a magic formula to get very cool tunes.
October 26 2016 09:12:27
Awesome Ron :) great my friend
+1 October 26 2016 14:28:53 ivax mortheol
Hi Xavi, I am happy you enjoyed it:D
October 26 2016 08:25:59
Impressive Ron !! It's great how you jump in this mood and feel from Rob's work. Blends really Great. Wonderful add my friend! :)
+1 October 26 2016 14:28:22 frankyguitar mortheol
Hi Franky:)
I love Rob's acoustic here so much. It has a great pace and tempo.
For me, a super way to mellow out:D
I am happy you enjoyed it:)
October 26 2016 08:00:13
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 October 26 2016 14:26:57 Lenny Cowler mortheol
Hi Lenny, I appreciate that my Friend:)
October 26 2016 04:38:06
Are you both playing in the same room now? Very nice Sir R! :D
+1 October 26 2016 14:17:10 piper mortheol
Ahhh no, you caught us Patty:o Rob and I have been secretly working on a transporter than moves us instantly from his house to mine, half way around the world:P

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