Dancing on Hot Coals

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Thanks Malco,a good time of fun, fantastic percussion....

thanks for listening...


October 28 2016 23:23:23
A wonderful exotic add that pushes this.
+1 October 30 2016 11:38:59 Wade ivax
Thanks Wade :) thanks for listening my friend
October 28 2016 16:57:03
very cool ivax...
+1 October 28 2016 21:52:00 slin ivax
Thanks for listening :) my friend
October 28 2016 01:54:33
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, ivax. muito legal. de que modo você a guitarra? eu grava em pc em linha direta, mas a minha guitarra não fica legal. tenho que aprender
+1 October 28 2016 08:43:39 francisco al ivax
thanks Francisco,:) the guitar recorded with the sound of my amplifier, and the amplifier out a direct line to the PC with a USB Audio interface, I use a sound card, pretty economical, one Roland Duo-Capture single input,
(Translator google)
graças Francisco, a guitarra gravado com o som do meu amplificador, eo amplificador uma linha directa para o PC com uma interface de áudio USB, eu uso uma placa de som externo, muito econômico, uma entrada única Roland Duo-Capture
October 30 2016 21:27:46 francisco al francisco al
I'll buy an amplifier. I bought a sound card M-AUDIO and came with the program: Pro Tools SE, it is more complicated than Sonar I am using. thank you
October 30 2016 23:15:34 francisco al ivax
hello Francisco,I use Cubase 5, and the guitar amplifier is a small 30 watts VT30FX Behringer virtube, although I believe that the sound also influences the guitar, I use a Fender Sratocaster Japan 1986, E series six-digit,:),I hope you find an amplifier suitable to your needs
October 31 2016 04:42:48 francisco al francisco al
ok obrigado amigo ivax
October 27 2016 07:01:51
Really great Xavi !! Impressive skills my friend !! ;)
+1 October 28 2016 21:51:27 frankyguitar ivax
hey Franky :) very grateful
October 27 2016 00:04:01
Your cool guitar works so well with the brilliant percussion, great play Xavi!
+1 October 27 2016 00:45:08 gwailoah ivax
Brian :) very grateful,Thanks for listening
October 26 2016 22:29:31
hi dear Xavi, I feel so sorry for the delay ... it´s cool :)
+1 October 26 2016 22:44:42 AKchen ivax
thanks my dear Akch,:) why that you apologize me?, that delay you mean?
October 26 2016 22:50:39 AKchen AKchen
yes, was away to long ;) hugs
October 26 2016 22:57:56 AKchen ivax
no problem, we are family,hugs and kisses :)
October 26 2016 20:08:34
Cool add ivax...compliments the percussion nicely...tight on the mark rhythm playing :)
+1 October 26 2016 20:14:46 MalCo ivax
Hey Malco, thanks friend, when I heard the track's percussion, was pleasantly bewitched, I'm glad you like it :)
October 26 2016 18:17:52
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
nice one Ivax
+1 October 26 2016 19:53:07 Major 3rd ivax
Thanks Major :) my friend
October 26 2016 13:49:54
Really nice Ivax! :D
+1 October 26 2016 19:52:34 piper ivax
Thanks Piper :):D
October 26 2016 10:42:06
Fantastic as always. Did you record it one track or two? You know what I admire about your playing? not just your creativity, but also your playing is so clean and precise, and you don't need a a lot of effects to cover up the mistakes like *ahem* other guitarists :D :D
+1 October 26 2016 19:48:26 TeeGee ivax
Many thanks TG, you thank you for your words, I feel flattered, in this Jam there are two tracks of guitar starting from 1:50 ,sincerely I, almost never game of an only try to, try to divide the song in different sections, this is due to a problem that drag from makes some three years approximately, have problems of tendinitis in both elbows and in the hand left suffer the called Carpal tunnel syndrome,hope that soon have recovery, but them reports medical, not are very optimistic, however, I never lose the illusion and the hope of to continue playing my guitar during many more years... Thanks of all heart :D
In relation to the effects, I just use the effects that my guitar amplifier has built-in,I have no effects processor, that often I go up two guitar lines, to combine sounds and supplement the absence of effects :)

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