Blue Smoke and Velvet Mirrors

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Ernie440949 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)
United States


Psycho729 jams Supporter
+ 24
Started to play on this and couldn't stop. I guess bad habits die hard and this was one mean jam buy Ernie and rp3 that I just had to see what would evolve. Maybe there is still some room?

I'm not well versed in the funky stuff, but I like the way it makes me move =)


October 28 2016 23:24:31
Yea, no room, but who cares. Sounding good.
+1 October 29 2016 18:53:42 Wade Psycho
There wasn't much room to begin with, unless I'd had the will to play on only a part of this. Sometimes I just can't stop :) Thanks !!
October 28 2016 20:44:23
Funky Bruce!!!!! Absolutely stunning! :)
+1 October 28 2016 21:27:34 pkliesch Psycho
Thank you for the kind words Pat... I can scratch the strings and use a wah, so maybe I can be semi-funky :)
October 28 2016 16:28:33
Ahh, Bruce you step also in the funk trap :D
Excellent sound and playing my friend!! Very cool :)
Damn, can not stop listening.... need help :D
Fantastic track all together , yep !!

+1 October 28 2016 21:25:51 frankyguitar Psycho
Thanks franky. Yup, I tried to be funky again :) Not my strong point, but a lot of fun to play on these. Happy you like it. Maybe I'm getting the hang of becoming a funkster ;)
October 28 2016 22:25:12 frankyguitar frankyguitar
I'm sure, you're on the right way !! :D I really enjoy this funky stuff ! :)
October 27 2016 19:55:49
fantastic sound Bruce, awesome.
+1 October 28 2016 00:23:54 davidaustin Psycho
Thanks David, was a kick to play on this thing :)
October 27 2016 01:33:14
OMG buddy this is really cool! I'm digging your colors on this! It's so groovy how everybody has their different feel, but man this works fantastic. That section at 03:04 is whack man!! Sounds great, thanks Bruce for the rockin' wah funk add.
+1 October 27 2016 01:43:01 Ernie440 Psycho
As I've been replying, funk is not my strong point, but I'll try anything. Especially on a great track such as this... had a great time jammin with you guys... Thanks Ernie :)
October 26 2016 22:30:43
coolplaying my dear friend :) ...sorry for my delay ;(
+1 October 27 2016 00:44:31 AKchen Psycho
No delay, it's almost brand new Andrea :) Thanks my good friend !!
October 27 2016 00:45:37 AKchen AKchen
late night hugs :)
October 27 2016 00:46:40 AKchen Psycho
October 26 2016 21:43:23
Like your style for funk.

+1 October 27 2016 00:41:26 garymcmill Psycho
Well thanks Gary, since I'm not very comfortable playing these, it's very kind of you to say :)
October 26 2016 21:43:11
+1 October 27 2016 00:40:23 PECA Psycho
Thanks very much PECA... cool track by these guys... good one to jam on :)
October 26 2016 20:27:21
great guitar playing :):):)
+1 October 27 2016 00:39:33 abuitremorem Psycho
Thanks abu, was some good times trying out this one :)
October 26 2016 19:53:08
Really a good add Bruce. I back in the 80´s in my highschool days I had a Funk-band. If I should Re-unite that band today I wouldn´t hesitate one second to hire you on the guitar. This i really good and funky in the funky-way. :)
+1 October 27 2016 00:38:04 Peterpingo Psycho
That's a very nice compliment Peter. If you were in high school then, you'd be hiring a 30 year old guitarist :) :)
October 27 2016 08:39:09 Peterpingo Peterpingo
Hah hah. At that time I was (at the same time) in a jazz-fusion band where I was the youngest guy. The other guys was from 27-45 years. So I wouldn´t mind my friend. :) No wonder my highschool-grades was not so great. *LOL* (Too much guitar too little grammar).

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