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HEY!!!!My AC was off the whole recording!
Acoustic Spy Theme Sounding -simplified(I play a version of this that is way more complicated and changes galore--but afraid there will be no adds-who wants to work that hard:>)
So I stay really long on notes so that you could get a feel for the note since it is play in a unique tuning.

Recorded with my 74 Alavarez--lawsuit(Jumbo Gibson) tuned in a special tuning I devised and a mic(some reverb added)

LOOKING for adds
Drums, Percussion, Guitar, bass, sax, horns, keys, vocals(the whole shabang)


October 28 2016 19:18:51
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Like that version too Jim !! Nice recording, sounds very well. Greetings from James :D
+0 October 28 2016 19:20:50 frankyguitarGemmyF
ran through my lexicon, till I got to numbers.....007!
October 28 2016 12:32:08
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce Hi Jim. I like your acoustic sound. But may i ask you what ''AC off ''means ?
+1 October 28 2016 13:41:51 CaroljoyceGemmyF
it is Air Conditioner. It's still almost 90 degrees where I live. and we have central Air unit which is really close to where i record and it's really loud roar.
October 28 2016 17:07:07 CaroljoyceCaroljoyce
Ah... OK. Thanks for reply. I wondered about a special stuff of guitar player... God ! Air conditioner needed. Here, we have frost upon cars when we go to work...
October 28 2016 18:56:04 CaroljoyceGemmyF
It has to be 90 degrees and 80% humidity right now! this summer it was 104 for about 2 weeks in a row, but hey that is south Texas for you. That's why it was populated until the invent of electricity.
October 27 2016 17:51:25
2underpar2underpar Cool Jim. I always turn my AC/Heat off while recording being I'm sitting right next to it in the basement. It's ruined more than one good recording session.
+1 October 27 2016 17:52:43 2underparGemmyF
I get in trouble 'round here doing that!
October 27 2016 02:07:45
PsychoPsycho No AC? Do you live in the desert? :) This is a great work Jim.... enjoyed !!
+1 October 27 2016 02:18:49 PsychoGemmyF
I posted two today. One had a roaring A/C in it, so i did a few things(interesting) yet not pure, aND CLEAN RECORDING! AHH 2ND time Caps Lock!
October 27 2016 01:42:41
DemianDemian NO AC?? Man, is not the same, something is missed!haha Nice serie of acoustic takes

October 27 2016 01:33:07
Major 3rdMajor 3rd spy theme! espionage at its greatest! ;o)

October 26 2016 23:37:43
frenziefrenzie Yes I found it, this sounds better! Way to go Gemmy! :)

October 26 2016 22:51:57
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Totally cool.. I hate my A/C and I have a love hate relationship :)
+0 October 26 2016 22:56:21 HiFiFlutesGemmyF
Yes! Well it's like almost 90 here. So If I play perfect and time it when it's off. I might get a good take. If I have to replay, I might start with no AC then BOOM. Then I start with Ac and say ugggh who cares....Yeah it's tough mic'ing stuff where it's hot!
October 26 2016 22:59:30 HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes
I'm in a small place.. furace is as loud as a/c so I get a nice semi quiet spring and fall :)
October 26 2016 23:00:19 HiFiFlutesGemmyF
October 26 2016 22:37:36
AKchenAKchen sounds AWESOME!!!
+0 October 26 2016 22:38:46 AKchenGemmyF
Thanks Andrea!

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