*the time runs so we*

+ 8
this is the "lead" vocal
If you'd like to do this one
go to the previous and download and sing on it.
It be cool to hear a different voice than mine.


October 28 2016 16:33:52
slinslin very cool one Gemmy...
+1 October 28 2016 16:36:18 slinGemmyF
thanks Slin!
October 28 2016 14:06:28
frankyguitarfrankyguitar I really love it Jim!! Always different from "Standards" ! Great and interessting:) some psychedelic influences from the Doors? I mean..... :)
+1 October 28 2016 15:35:42 frankyguitarGemmyF
Thanks FG! There is a band the Judybats and then the Smiths before them that I drew on as inspiration for the vocals. The music really felt like that, especially PEWI's play
October 27 2016 17:20:54
2underpar2underpar Cool Jim. Drifting away from the norm again. Once again It's hard to categorize. And that's why I like it.
+2 October 27 2016 17:26:34 2underparGemmyF
Thanks Bill! I try! Was thinking--trying to re sing this, would really love to hear other vocalist to sing this on top of my background singing--I'll probably email them!
October 27 2016 18:15:00 2underpar2underpar
In my younger years playing with the guys they never let me have a vocal microphone. My wife says I probably shouldn't sing in church either.
October 27 2016 18:18:34 2underparGemmyF
Joyful noise Bill, a joyful noise!
October 27 2016 09:43:43
WoodstockWoodstock What should I say... awesome!!! :)
+1 October 27 2016 14:53:04 WoodstockGemmyF
Thanks Woodstock!
October 27 2016 08:15:14
radusradus Hey, Gemmy! It's very cool, man :) Awesome vocal sound!
+0 October 27 2016 14:53:45 radusGemmyF
Thanks Radus!
October 27 2016 06:53:44
TofzegritTofzegrit Pure class!
What a built Bravo!

+0 October 27 2016 13:37:48 TofzegritGemmyF
I'd like to hear what other singers would sound and do on the top vocals on this one, like James or Shi or Andrea or Bluemartini, or Axenvoc, or Stan(funky) or Uli on top of the previous add with my "background" vocals or so version of that
October 27 2016 13:43:14 TofzegritGemmyF
forgot Moor he'd be perfect here.

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