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My first upload since 6 days. My ear is doing a bit better, not perfect but it's okay for now.
It's much space in the midsection for work with it, hope ypo have fun like me :-)

HD available, with or without drums :-)


fantastic and beautiful composition, very good Franky, I'm glad that your ear is improving :)+1
October 28 2016 11:26:59
frankyguitar Hey Xavi, thanx very much :) !! Me too, I had really fear.... +1
Sounds great, Franky! Congrats, bro!!+1
October 28 2016 11:27:41
frankyguitar Thanx so much Slony, great you like it! +0
Great song Franky !! :)+1
October 28 2016 11:29:32
frankyguitar Thank you very much Rob !! :) I'm pleased you like it :) +0
really like This a lot well done Franky+1
October 28 2016 11:31:00
frankyguitar Thanx very much Gary ! I think it came out not bad..... :) +0
Nice track Franky, glad your hearing is improving:);)+1
October 28 2016 11:34:20
frankyguitar Pete, thanx very much buddy !! Nothing to hear with an ear is aweful.... We must take care our bodies, we have only this one.. ;) +0
First of all, glad your ear is better !! The time off has given you some new life... this is great buddy :)+1
October 28 2016 11:37:46
frankyguitar Thanx so much Bruce !! I'm really happy about my ear. But this ear noise is irritating :O hope it will be better in the next some weeks or month ... +0
Good track and good your back!+1
October 28 2016 11:39:26
frankyguitar Thanx very much Gary, and I'm happy to be back... I missed it here :) +0
Very nice playing and cool sound Frank。+1
October 28 2016 11:40:10
frankyguitar Hello Kei, thanx very much my friend!! Hope you are okay :) +0
great template here! As is quite good!+1
October 28 2016 13:54:21
frankyguitar Thanx very much Gemmy! Great you like it :) +0
Fantastic, man!+1
October 28 2016 22:20:17
frankyguitar Thanx so much radus !! I put some work in this, great you like it :) +0
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