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If you support trump or Clinton ..I Hope this makes you smile Because that is what its meant to do


November 02 2016 03:47:04
Major 3rdMajor 3rd back for another listen! ;o) awesome

October 30 2016 17:17:44
mpointonmpointon Brilliant, Axe! Can't believe the difference between this stem and WP's. Amazing the total difference between the two approaches. Fantastic singing on a great pair of adds from Pete and Major! :) :)
+2 October 30 2016 19:08:34 mpointonaxenvocs
Thank you
October 30 2016 08:09:59
PewiPewi Wow, extraordinary!
I feel like Frank!

+1 October 30 2016 12:14:33 Pewiaxenvocs
Thank you my friend .. Just some humor making fun of our ridiculous presidential race here
October 30 2016 07:36:39
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Awsesome Gary!! I love your singing here, really with your heart! I don't understad all but with what I understand and the reaction from the other loopies I can draw a picture.
Excellent buddy, for me it's really one of your best !!! GREAT Song :)

+1 October 30 2016 07:59:08 frankyguitaraxenvocs
Thanks bro
October 29 2016 21:56:53
Major 3rdMajor 3rd sounds great axe but I'm voting for seriously though the gov is messed up.....your vocals are awesome and lyrics...lets rent a Mayflower....antartica? costa rica? lol
+1 October 29 2016 22:02:31 Major 3rdaxenvocs
Thanks bro ... Ya all in good fun , this election now that's entertaining
October 29 2016 22:08:13 Major 3rdMajor 3rd
we're all getting a good show for sure with this election! High entertainment value!!! ratings!!! lolol
October 29 2016 19:45:21
garymcmillgarymcmill Yes, really enjoyed this!!
+1 October 29 2016 20:27:47 garymcmillaxenvocs
Thanks Gary
October 29 2016 18:16:31
PsychoPsycho Haha... very clever !! Think I'll vote for the PU truck :)
+1 October 29 2016 20:26:56 Psychoaxenvocs
same here bro ;)
October 29 2016 16:48:33
slinslin very cool axenvocs...
+1 October 29 2016 17:27:44 slinaxenvocs
Thank you
October 29 2016 07:23:09
1969orange1969orange Hey Axe - Love this - Great job!!!!
In the style of one of my favorites - Loudon Wainwright

+1 October 29 2016 13:41:51 1969orangeaxenvocs
Thank you my friend
October 29 2016 06:50:45

nice vocals!

+1 October 29 2016 13:41:34 GemmyFaxenvocs
Thanks Jim, I liked the video
October 29 2016 13:54:36 GemmyFGemmyF
Bernie and Trump have more in common---as Bernie at least thinks of our country as our country, and Hill sees it as a feedbag to get rich off of which she will F everyone to get what she wants. The way I learn about the candidate is not through the pundits but by listening to complete speeches. Also there is soo much mounting behind the scene dirt on Hillary that the Media/Govt won't tell people about or REALLY consider--well if she's willing to do this, then what is she going to do to "us". I have been all over the map in votes for folks in my "long" voting record, Green party, libertian, Dem, Rep, so I'm not a R person. I just love wrong to get it's rewards. And I hate to see brainwashing going on that keeps folks so superficial in "our" approach to such important things. The local one are equally as important as they are the ones where people are making the deals under the table that, take people's property, sweetheart deals... PEOPLE are corrupt. The laws we have hopefully should be a stop to that, but oh well.
October 29 2016 13:59:40 GemmyFaxenvocs
Well said
October 29 2016 14:09:55 GemmyFaxenvocs
The future belongs to our children hopefully whom ever is elected remembers that
October 29 2016 14:19:09 GemmyFGemmyF
Man the way Hill/Obama/USMedia is stirring up shit with Putin there might not be much of one. Sad to say! And Basically for what--to save their ASS for all the dealings they've done in middle east. F'rs. But hey making money selling arms to "ISISS" makes the world go round--oh, money makes....
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