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Tried some piano on this cool drumtrack of Martin! A 3/4 track, not really my comfortzone... but a cool drive it was!

Thanks a lot Martin!

Have a good sunday all!


It's superb, Marc. You directed the track so well with your chords but have left your trademark space for everyone to join! Fantastic add. Thanks!

Absolutely love 3:30
October 31 2016 18:39:55
Marceys Thanks so much Martin! Great that you like it man, your groove is great and you gave accents that i tried to follow! Played these chords over your structure, think it fit's! Ready for the bass now! :) +0
fab entry and development, what great adept to Marc´s soft drums :) so very good+1
October 30 2016 11:16:47
Marceys Thanks Andrea! Was a good wakening up music moment!
You mean the drums of Martin ofcourse! 😜
A excellent job Marc on Martin´s drumming+1
October 30 2016 11:17:39
Marceys Thanks Mario! Tried to keep it empty and still stay in Martins feel! +1
very good:)+1
October 30 2016 11:17:57
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Thanks a lot Lenny! Enjoyed it! +1
Cool approach Marc :)+1
October 31 2016 18:32:43
Marceys Thanks titi, followed Martin's groove et voilá,, a structure was born! +1
Oh ! that is a very nice piece of music Marc.
Those chords are magic and the blue part turns to suspense :)
October 31 2016 18:36:00
Marceys Cool down music to get some relaxation! The blue part was something different i got in my head.... two minorchords and than a +chord....:) +1
October 31 2016 21:09:11
Tofzegrit Ooch, can't play anything here, will try it later maybe with a bass line added from a inspired person:) +0
fantastic Marc ,beautiful my friend :)+1
October 31 2016 18:36:38
Marceys Thanks so much Xavi! Cool setup by Martin! +0
Piano sounds great :)+1
October 31 2016 18:36:58
Marceys Thanks a lot! +1
Pretty cool I definitely want to try a remix+1
October 31 2016 18:37:24
Marceys Great to hear! Gonna listen this evening a bit later! +0
3rd time through this..... and I like it even more every time I listen.. It's MUCH more Technical than it seems at first listen :)+1
October 31 2016 18:38:38
Marceys Well, i did make a structure if that is what you mean and i tried to play the parts in somekind of same feel! +1

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