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Hi friends.
Peixe in portuguese means Fish.
So I consider myself a Lucky Fish to have all this musical friends and the Loops in my life.
What to say about this track?
Psy did quite a god job with the drums and the guitar on this one.
I can only thank him for that and thank my friends for listening.
Added piano and hammond on this one.
Hope you like it :)


December 01 2016 07:29:49
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
wow! sounds awesome!

October 31 2016 17:26:14
These opposites ... perfect!
(Like goldfish and shark:):))

+1 October 31 2016 19:02:35 Pewi Marcelo D
Hahahaha great Peter. Good contrast between a rock and a classical guy. Some friends called me goldfish hahahha how could you know?;):) thanks for hearing
October 31 2016 12:57:31
fantastic Marcelo :D perfect Rock,my friend
+1 October 31 2016 19:01:04 ivax Marcelo D
Thanks Xavi. It's a great template by Psy. I tried to mix a little progressive line with some traditional pop rock. Glad you liked:)
October 31 2016 09:18:05
great, man!! perfect addition, my friend...:)
+1 October 31 2016 18:58:13 jjdf Marcelo D
Muito agradecido João. Bom te encontrar por aqui. Grande abraço:)
October 31 2016 19:43:06 jjdf jjdf
Olá Peixe, como gosto imenso da tua musica sempre que te encontrar no piano, paro para ouvir. Um grande Abraço.
October 31 2016 19:49:55 jjdf Marcelo D
Obrigado. Digo o mesmo da sua guitarra. :)
October 31 2016 02:39:51
:) Oh man... I'm in awe Peixe. You are amazing my friend. Where's the bass player? This could get even better. Thanks for playing over this thing !!
+1 October 31 2016 18:57:01 Psycho Marcelo D
Hey Psy. This "thing" is an amazing song buddy :). When I first heard your drums I new something good was about to come out from it. I love songs around 130bpm. So I followed this drums until you up this awesome guitar. Thank you for the track. It's great :)
October 30 2016 23:51:04
FroM classic to reggae..from bossa to rock, you just know how to fit in perfectly Marcelo, love how you always round not square, and the way just free yourself from any borders..this is one of the track that show how amazing your musicality. So WoW !
+1 October 31 2016 18:52:48 aleonz Marcelo D
From east to west and north to south there is no singer like you Alice. I've heard so many great works from you in all styles too. :) I guess this is one of the reasons we get along in music. We don't define ourselves artistically by any style. That makes us versatile and better musicians everytime we try something new. Thank you so much for the comments. You are ALways so kind to me ;)
October 30 2016 23:25:43
Great Marcelo! You're a fantastic surprise also in rock! :)
+1 October 31 2016 18:45:40 Stef Marcelo D
Hi Stef. I listened to lots of rock and reggae in my life. I'm a rock lover too. So glad you liked it my friend:)
October 30 2016 21:42:27
Nice to hear you on this type of music. You rock!
+1 October 31 2016 18:44:09 ALawrence1 Marcelo D
Thank you Andrea. I try to play all styles. It makes me grow as a musician. Glad you liked:)
October 31 2016 18:51:12 ALawrence1 ALawrence1
I agree. I find the same thing. Wikiloops has given me the opportunity to try out musical genres that I would never try on my own.
October 30 2016 20:50:18
fantastic track - fantstic ad :)
+1 October 31 2016 18:42:41 abuitremorem Marcelo D
Thanks Abu! It's good to rock once in a while:)
October 30 2016 20:33:59
Fantastic add Marcelo. And I agree. Bruce has made a wonderful track here. So nice to listen to you two wonderful guys together. :)
+1 October 30 2016 20:40:25 Peterpingo Marcelo D
Hey my friend. I felt like rocking a little bit so I looked for Psy awesome rock guitar and found this great track. Thank you so much for hearing. Very glad you liked :)
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