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Sorry folks but no "Tricks" are allowed at Castle Mortheol....only "Treats"..

Please follow the rules or you'll end up in my dungeon.

And VERY VERY BAD things happen there this time of year..!!!

Feel free to use my Horrific soundtrack I made for any Ghoulish events you may have.

Happy Halloween!!! :)


November 01 2016 01:45:53
HELP ME !!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME !! totally cool creation here my friend, Thanks for sharing this !
+1 November 01 2016 02:33:30 HiFiFlutes mortheol
Lol...Thanks Chris!
Spreading some Halloween Fun:)
November 01 2016 00:41:41
Whoh!!some scary shit going on here,Great track Ron, or what have you done to Ron???????:);):)
+1 November 01 2016 02:32:26 petebass mortheol
Sorry Pete, Ron is tied up in the dungeon. He was BAD!!;)
November 01 2016 13:34:21 petebass petebass
He was Deffo bad when piper was down there too!! HA!!love it
November 01 2016 00:00:48
My hands are shaking so bad I can hardly type. Especially under the covers where it is dark and my evil dog is enjoying this track with fire in his eyes. If I'm not here tomorrow you will know why :O
+2 November 01 2016 02:31:01 Psycho mortheol
Ohhh no...look what I have done.:(
Bruce I will check on you in the morning:|
October 31 2016 21:39:56
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
haha awesome! perfect on this fine Halloween Day!
+1 October 31 2016 23:09:20 Major 3rd mortheol
Hey Craig..Thanks!:)
It was fun doing this.
Happy Halloween:D
October 31 2016 19:11:03
Oh... No! Ron, I can feel my hair rising up my head ! Your dungeon sounds like a graveyard populated of thousands ghosts. Oh... My god.... Oh my god.... ! Run Agnès !Run !
+1 October 31 2016 23:05:54 Caroljoyce mortheol danger at all, please,please come back, I will keep you safe...LOL:)
October 31 2016 18:27:17
a great one mortheol,don't wanna be in your dungeon,especially after that piper arrived,SCARY...
+2 October 31 2016 18:30:01 slin piper
LOL! ;) Happy Halloween Slin!
October 31 2016 23:06:49 slin mortheol
Thanks Slin:)
Yes, Piper is the real trouble maker. You need to watch out for her;)
October 31 2016 17:48:59
Those are the sounds I hear with a bad hang over. Good stuff!
+1 October 31 2016 23:07:34 garymcmill mortheol
Hey Gary...yep been there, done it..too many times:P
October 31 2016 17:31:54
Fantastic Ron ,in the headphones it sounds scary :)
+1 October 31 2016 23:08:13 ivax mortheol
Thanks Xavi, yes I mixed it with headphones on for a really cool effect:)
October 31 2016 14:50:58
Ron, you're scaring me ...:) Great atmosphere and creativity! :)
+1 October 31 2016 23:08:44 Stef mortheol
Thanks Stef, I am pretty sure I scared myself making it..LOL:)
October 31 2016 13:29:56
Sounds like a bunch of ghouls with indigestion, LOL. They must have eaten too much candy! :O
+2 October 31 2016 13:35:52 piper mortheol
Well either that or the medicine they are taking for their head colds....or is that me..LOL:|
Thanks Cookie Queen:D

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