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Remix step #4 (playing)


Funkystan120 jams Supporter
+ 13
Martin, Chris and Ernie... Great pleasure to play with you.
I was warming up with this superb track and I've recorded some takes.
I've hesitated 'cause the track was already standing alone but really glad to join.
Thanks a lot guys ^^


November 30 2016 21:11:00
super cool funk'a'titude
+1 November 30 2016 21:20:09 wikibeb Funkystan
Merci mon pote, trop sympa^^
çà fait plaisir venant d'un connaisseur!
Je vais essayer de tenir le cap!
November 30 2016 21:31:55 wikibeb wikibeb
perso je trouve que tu est bien plus connaisseur que moi:@
November 30 2016 21:36:38 wikibeb Funkystan
Lol... On réglera la question en tapant le boeuf un de ces quatre^^
November 15 2016 18:44:12
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Funkystan. ficou legal
+1 November 15 2016 19:24:13 francisco al Funkystan
Hi Francisco muito obrigado my friend ^^
November 02 2016 11:51:25
Perfect :)
+1 November 02 2016 12:27:13 dimeomax Funkystan
Hi! Thanks a lot pal ^^
November 01 2016 23:24:40
Fantastic guitar playing Stan !!Very happy you jumped in the funk session !!
+1 November 02 2016 10:36:56 WHITEPONGO Funkystan
Thanks a lot Chris! Great pleasure to follow you on this ^^
November 01 2016 12:54:11
+1 November 01 2016 16:08:09 FrankMil Funkystan
Many thanks Bro' ^^
November 01 2016 10:54:09
This is very, very good, Stan. It's not just how well you play but the musical choices you fundamentally made. Love the descending line in the choruses, it counterpoints WP's excellent work without overpowering it. It sounds like two guitars working together rather than fighting.

Lead lines are not only fantastically played but outstanding in the way you've mixed them so discretely. This is a text book example of how to really add colour and shape to a piece of music instead of dominating.

+1 November 01 2016 11:25:43 mpointon Funkystan
Many thanks Martin. Most appreciated! This is about how to play on a track when it already stands alone. You've recorded a great template Martin. Many nuances, great tight play, great sound. Just followed the band. About the mixing... I guess Chris managed some room on the left side. He is the clever guy!
Thanks a lot Martin^^
November 01 2016 00:37:31
Good sound and riff all along, I like a lot the OD lines ( 00:41 for example ) sometimes, that sounds as a Horns section
+1 November 01 2016 11:09:06 Tofzegrit Funkystan
Thanks a lot Tof'! You're right. Listening back to it could be a brass section line^^
October 31 2016 21:06:03
Excellent Stan, sounds phenomenal bro, love it .. thanks for the wicked funky guitar/s add!! :) It fits great and makes the track sound so much more dynamic! Like how you avoiding hitting that final note right along with me on the last crash ... haha!
+1 November 01 2016 11:07:35 Ernie440 Funkystan
Thanks a lot Bro'! I don't really master my play when playing funky stuff. I just let things go... It was said that the last note was yours ^^
November 01 2016 18:14:22 Ernie440 mpointon
It's does make smile when I hear you all bugger off for the last note! Typical drummer - has to get the last note in. ;)
November 01 2016 18:17:33 Ernie440 Ernie440
lol Martin, I did put the last note in with your crash, a couple different ways, haha, to my ear it actually sounds more solid without that note ... dunno why, with the note it sounded weak to me .. one of those things .. a mystery!!! :)
November 01 2016 18:20:27 Ernie440 Ernie440
Now you got me thinking about that, I guess if there was a foot pedal thump right at the end with a note ... it would sounds "OK" to me .. sounds fine like it is though! I dunno!!
November 01 2016 18:50:10 Ernie440 Ernie440
haha there is a thump there isn't there ... don't mind me, I'm quitting drugs tomorrow :P
November 01 2016 19:22:52 Ernie440 Funkystan
Ok guys I'll do a remix and I'll cut Ernie's last note ;)
October 31 2016 19:01:28
+1 November 01 2016 11:37:30 jmrukkers Funkystan
Thanks a lot Joe!
Love your add. I've noticed it when preparing my upload...
October 31 2016 18:27:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect play:)
+1 October 31 2016 18:32:35 Lenny Cowler Funkystan
Hi Bro', many thanks ^^
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