Khwae Yai River

Remix step #5 (playing)


frankyguitar485 jams Supporter
+ 10
Really a great track from Mika, Basster and Major3rd !! Great !!
Added some notes. I don't know about the mix...., my ear....
Much space for other adds, have fun.....



November 28 2016 11:34:31
Awesome leadparts buddy!! Sounds - realy cool!! ;)
+1 November 28 2016 13:43:08 Basster frankyguitar
Thanx very much, awesome track !! :)
November 04 2016 09:52:48
Hi Frank, jetzt musste ich aber genau hinhören. Ganz cool, was Du da gemacht hast!
+1 November 04 2016 10:16:06 Pewi frankyguitar
Vielen Dank Peter, für das nette Kompliment! :)
November 03 2016 18:48:34
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
back for another listen! ;O) love it...
+1 November 03 2016 20:23:18 Major 3rd frankyguitar
Thanx again Craig!! This really an awesome track and I'm happy to play some notes with this cool lineup !! :D
The last days I was busy with some new stuff....
November 02 2016 01:07:03
Had to listen a couple of times to find you.
Found you, excellent add!

+1 November 03 2016 20:19:08 garymcmill frankyguitar
Thanx very much Gary, for all your time you spend here !! :) Will use more the color marker ! :)
November 01 2016 10:00:31
Mika TohveMika Tohve
good notes Franky, cheers!
+1 November 01 2016 10:02:26 Mika Tohve frankyguitar
Thanx very much Mika. Always you come up with cool stuff:)
November 01 2016 04:35:14
I'm liking this Franky!:) good mix too.
+1 November 01 2016 06:09:02 Jeebsie frankyguitar
Hey Jeebsie, nice you had an ear for it! Thanx, I'm pleased you like it! :)
November 01 2016 02:38:14
Awesome Frank, you slid into this jam perfectly:)
No worries your ear will improve!

+1 November 01 2016 06:06:20 mortheol frankyguitar
Many thanx Ron ! Great you like it. The ear will better , needs some time.
What's happend in your dungeon Last night? Did you boo some clowns or zombies..... LOL :D
November 01 2016 02:17:00
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
very cool Franky! I agree with psycho! you added some awesomeness! greatness....;o) always enjoy hearing what you come up with...nice work! thanks for joining the frey...
+1 November 01 2016 05:58:29 Major 3rd frankyguitar
Hey Craig, Thanx so much, I'm happy you like it. The idea for the Main theme, I had instantly as I heard your add. And than developed this and the other litte parts come up. Was a great pleasure for me. You bring always very good things up.... :) thanx my friend....
November 02 2016 03:28:31 Major 3rd Major 3rd
October 31 2016 23:17:04
This is a great track... and you add even more greatness to it... well played franky !!
+1 November 01 2016 05:50:26 Psycho frankyguitar
Thank you Bruce! :) Yes, I like this very much, it's a cool track and I'm happy to able to add something.... :)
October 31 2016 23:02:48
hahaha, du machst das wie ich ... einfach drauf los ;;-) klingt aber echt super !!!! auch toller Track
+1 October 31 2016 23:04:59 AKchen frankyguitar
Genau. Gehört, geaddet, gesiegt... LOL :D
Schön das es Dir gefällt... :)

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