The Roe-Deer Running Away

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I can remember the day when I saw a deer in the garden. He majestically raised his head to look at me, and escaped with leap... I tried to create a piece in a medieval style. Have a sweet night or a nice day my wikifriends, depends on the place where you live... Here, it's time to go to bed...
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celtic harp


Féerique, magique Celtique. Merci Agnès pour ce véritable régal :)+2
November 02 2016 19:12:05
Caroljoyce Merci Mon p'tit Titi, je peux te parler également de "régal" après avoir écouté ton album avec Cody. J'adore. Très bonne idée. Bonne soirée celtique à toi ! +1
Very niice. Like the peaceful vibe a lot. Bravo, Agnès!+2
November 04 2016 17:16:48
Caroljoyce Thank you Marc. Your comment is always precious to me. +2
Fantastic play !! Very enjoyable :)+1
November 02 2016 18:46:40
Caroljoyce Ty Chris. I'm pleased you enjoyed it. +0
You paint a beautiful musical picture Agnes:);)+1
November 02 2016 18:48:17
Caroljoyce 'Musical picture" this is a great compliment Pete. Th you. +1
Agnes, what a beautiful piece of music. It has a whimsical melody I really like:)
Your recording sounds very good and clear:D
Nice medieval style!
November 02 2016 18:55:06
Caroljoyce "Whimsical" i found the meaning into a dictionary. Very glad to know this word. Thank you for teaching me lovely new words, my dear scholar ! +1
November 02 2016 19:55:04
mortheol this context I would have it mean "Lightly Fanciful". Much like the deer running from your garden:) +1
November 02 2016 21:07:49
Caroljoyce I see. Yes the deer did light & lively leaps. I could see his little white bottom waving up & down when it was running away. I agree with ''Lightly fanciful'' too. Thank you for this new phrase too my friend ! +1
goose bumps, wonderful ... :)+1
November 02 2016 19:08:59
Caroljoyce Thank you sweet Andrea. Could you inform me about your next song when it's ready, i mean the songe you will do in many languages with Alice, Christophe, Ulo... & some others loopers. I don't want to miss it. Wink +1
November 09 2016 06:35:31
AKchen yes :) +1
W O N D E R F U L ;o)+1
November 02 2016 19:15:04
Caroljoyce Mon Cher Ulo, i would say one thing only THANK YOU for all and above all for your faithful listening here. +1
Agnès my dear friend, this is really wonderful! It's such a nice theme and melody you played here! It stimulates reflection in this time, beautiful. And very good recording quality !! Merci for this nice music :)+1
November 02 2016 20:05:28
Caroljoyce Yes, a clear soud at last ! after many many tests i found the place to set up the mic : neither too close nor too far from the soundboard of the harp to capture all sounds, bass and treble without distortion ! Pfff... what a tough work to be a unprofessional sound ingineer ! ;) Thank you for your comment Frankie ! I knoow you're very sensitive about the Nature topics ! +1
Hi Agnès, I am enchanted, no words, eyes close and dream. Thank you for sharing.+1
November 04 2016 11:28:28
Caroljoyce Ever welcome my friend ! So glad you like it:) +0
upps, forgot the thumb and hear it again :)+1
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