The Roe-Deer Running Away

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I can remember the day when I saw a deer in the garden. He majestically raised his head to look at me, and escaped with leap... I tried to create a piece in a medieval style. Have a sweet night or a nice day my wikifriends, depends on the place where you live... Here, it's time to go to bed...
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celtic harp


This piece has a lovely music box personality that reminds me of the peaceful moments in life. Thank you for sharing.+1
March 25 2017 23:14:02
Caroljoyce Thanks very much ArcoPizz for the comment. Glad to know that it made you remind some nice memories:D +1
cody tripp
Beautiful !!! Welcome+1
January 24 2017 13:37:11
cody tripp
Caroljoyce Thank you Tom. Happy to have a visit of you. +1
::: (\_(\ ♪ ♩ encanta..
*: (=*:*) :* ♫ ♪ preciosa..
•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`».saludos.
francisco al
ótimo trabalho, melodia linda, Caroljoyce. linda canção+1
December 09 2016 12:13:20
francisco al
Caroljoyce Kisses from France ! Thank you very much !;) +0
Great way to start my day, thank you!+1
January 24 2017 14:57:36
Caroljoyce Thank you very much Heinzlet.... Sorry, very late to answer you. +0
so lovely!!! :)+1
November 10 2016 15:06:17
Caroljoyce Hi Joao ! Thank you very much. +1
J'ai mis du temps à remonter jusqu'ici pour y clamer mon admiration, y a le côté médiéval bien sûr mais j'imagine surtout la gestuelle gracieuse et mécanique avec laquelle tu dois jouer cet instrument.
C'est beau Agnès... ma sirène :)
November 10 2016 14:55:44
Caroljoyce Lol... My Dear Knight, was it difficult for you to come here because of the new wiki-interface or because your medieval horse was exhausted ? ;) Alas, I may shatter your dreams by telling you that I'm not a true mermaid coming from the ocean... and with regards to the gracious gestures, I do not know if I'm playing in this way... I have the feeling to be much more like a bird rather than a mermaid. ;)

I mean this is necessary to always raise the thumbs and the elbows in order to get a deep sound, this is the first harp lesson my friend. ;)
November 10 2016 15:05:38
Caroljoyce And, Do you know this german mermaid using a looper ? ;) ;) I'm crazy about... this music : +1
November 10 2016 16:57:16
Tofzegrit I have had my andreas vollenweider period and saw him aux "Folies Bergères"... so cool magical music and moment +1
November 10 2016 14:57:25
Caroljoyce Thank you Klaudia. Very glad to meet you here. +0
Sounds of a pure beauty that cross the soul! Wonderful Agnès! :)+1
November 09 2016 23:32:39
Caroljoyce Thank you stef for listening ans for these words. Smile to you from France my friend. +0
Lenny Cowler
very good:)+1
November 09 2016 23:28:06
Lenny Cowler
Caroljoyce Thx Lenny. May be one day we have a jam... I need a help to play on time. I would glad to play with you. ;) +1

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