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Great Track from Stella and Kimbo. Would appreciate critical comments as I'm not convinced by the effect on the sax. Any ideas? A gap left in there if someone wants to jump in.


Fine playing the way you experiment, although i think the same amount of phased effect throughout is not as interesting as introducing it periodically on for instance the longer drawn out notes where i think it sounds great! Also not really important but you sound up close while the band sound like up on stage :)+1
November 05 2016 22:49:14
Wade Thanks MalCo. Experimenting is easy...getting it right is difficult. The box has a you think I could use it? I'm one of those people who can't walk and chew gum at the same time. +1
November 06 2016 13:04:01
MalCo It's second nature for a guitarist to operate a foot pedal when the one foot is always resting on the simply 'lean' forward. Made all the easier since we are always looking down at our instrument. Maybe not so for sax players! :) +1
November 06 2016 20:58:06
Wade Right you are. To play a sax the mouthpiece has you facing straight and not looking down. Good hint about leaning forward. Will try to do that instead of just moving the foot. Forward = more, back = less. Simple! +1
November 06 2016 22:06:26
MalCo Another trick is the use of a gate that opens to let the effect through when the instrument Reach's a certain volume. Though I have only seen this done on a mixing desk and computer, not live! +1
November 07 2016 20:13:10
Wade I doubt that that's possible with my simple (out of date/out of production) box. Good idea though! Will just try to get the feel of leaning forward and backward when "expressing". +1
I think that if the effect is aimed at obtaining a particular sound we have in mind, then so be it. But the use of effects designed only to create astonishment I do not love him. Personally I'm more in favor of "Plug and Play". Surely you do not have any need seen your enormous talent and sax already has a wonderful sound that is almost a crime to alter it.
Your playing here is really excellent Wade!
November 02 2016 22:17:48
Wade So glad you gave the criticism this needed. You and Toshinho are right. Would have been much better without "the box". I still like using "the box", but need to be more careful and not rely on it as a gimmick. +1
Hi Wade .I'm not convinced too . The add is really good but personnaly , I prefer the real sound of sax ( with a discret réverb or délay ).Less sibilant , more présence (sorry for my English , my vocabulary is limited ).... ear you soon .+1
November 02 2016 22:15:37
Wade Thanks Toshinho. I greatly appreciate your critical opinion. I think you're right. Would have been better as straight sax. I still like using "the box" but didn't get it right this time. +1
True title and great playing , Wade! :)+1
November 02 2016 22:13:33
Wade Title is a whimsy...glad you like. M playing OK (thanks). Still not happy with the sound. Bad choice? +1
wonderful add to the fantastic Template from Stella and Kimbo ;o)+1
November 02 2016 22:12:15
Wade Thanks Uli. Template is good, and my playing OK. The sound still doesn't seem right. +0
Lenny Cowler
November 02 2016 22:11:35
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny. +1
cody tripp
Excellent !!! Love it+1
November 02 2016 22:11:23
cody tripp
Wade Thanks Tom. Still not convinced the sound is right. +1
Major 3rd
November 02 2016 22:10:44
Major 3rd
Wade Cheers Major 3rd. Appreciate the listen. +0
Hey I love Wade, fantastic, excellent color, soft and deep,:D+1
November 02 2016 22:10:02
Wade Thanks Xavi. Glad you like, but I'm still in doubt. +1
November 02 2016 22:43:05
ivax why?, doubt the sound? in my headphones I hear very nice, always is thankful to have a listening to Sax with effects, not always obligation of playing the original sound, that is why to my I like the electric guitar more than the acoustic or Spanish :) +0
November 02 2016 22:46:49
ivax Another thing is that it seems to sound as if it were in a closed box, to my me, really like ,Wade +1
November 02 2016 23:28:04
Wade Thanks Xavi. Well it's good that this worked for some. Maybe I'm too picky? It isn't often that I'm asking for criticism because I think something is wrong. +1
November 02 2016 23:33:18
ivax I think you are a very perfectionist musician, that's good,:) +1
Nice. I like the effect Wade.+1
November 02 2016 22:09:09
Wade Who am I to disagree, but I do. I do have fun with effects, but don't think this one was quite right. Thanks FrankieJ. Really appreciate the listen and comment. +1
November 02 2016 22:22:10
FrankieJ I probably should have expounded my comment a little more. I do like the effect in this instance. For me, effects open additional doors of expression and creativity. Overall, I prefer the original sound of the sax. Especially when played well, as you do. Have fun :) +0

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