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New Zealand
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Australian Chris Fenton on guitar. Live jam with bleed (no correction edits possible). First half sax using effect, 2nd half slight effect. Modal experiment with open timing.
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wonderful, peaceful Track <3+1
December 07 2016 19:51:54
Wade Thanks Uli,can we come to your basement? We'll be really quiet and respectful. +0
i got quite a buzz from that guitar - thank you, Chris.
sax entrance here is graceful, as always.
the gorgeous opening sustain lets us hear everything there is to hear within single note. i love the falls back down to it later in the arrangement.
i hear you climbing in lovely lazy circles on the thermals of melody.
I got quite a buzz from that sax - thank you, Wade. very nicely done.
December 02 2016 23:33:08
Wade Arrangement? It's whatever happens at the time. 100% improvised 100% live. I never know what Chris is going to play and just try to follow. He was a pro way back, but lives in an extremely remote place that's 45 minutes from the nearest road. No city type services whatsoever. Solar, water from the creek, three stream crossing that become impassable when it's raining (can happen for weeks at a time). A very different place to be. He's a grower...need I say more? +0
December 02 2016 23:41:23
AnneCozean pardon me - i meant "non-arrangement."
Pit Brett
nice jam wade :)+1
November 06 2016 21:57:14
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. Appreciate the listen and comment. Glad you like. +1
Marcelo D
Wow. This track sounds great. Its like something that came from space :)+1
November 06 2016 06:54:44
Marcelo D
Wade Well, there were some spacey moments associated with what Chris grows for a living.

Thanks for the listen Peixe, much appreciated.
Very dreamy hypnotic exotic! Guitar has sitar overtones and your phased effect and melody compliments it very well.:)+1
November 05 2016 22:46:10
Wade Cheers MalCo. Yes the Guitar is playing a mode that could easily be a Raga. Not sure I'd have used the phaser if I could have heard exactly what it sounded like while playing. Works for that first held note...but after that? +1
November 06 2016 12:50:06
MalCo Ah i understand now Wade you can not hear the final result until you play back the recording! I hope this is the case only with live recordings! which by the way is very well done. :) +1
November 06 2016 20:51:51
Wade You've got it. The sax puts out it's own sound (unlike an electric guitar). So, that's mostly what I hear even when there's a box run through a speaker. I guess I could wear headphones and run it all through a mixer, but then I feel a bit "removed" from the guitarist and the whole live/fun thing. When I'm on my own I do use headphones so that I hear the box and the mix, but I still hear my own "natural sax" sound as well. Still adapting to all this and have a problem with trying to hear/concentrate on anything else when playing or "in the zone". +1
Super awesome jam :) Cool !!!+1
November 05 2016 22:43:33
Wade Thanks HiFiFluytes. Sorry that I couldn't separate the tracks. Would be perfect for you to play against the guitar as well. +1
fantastic Wade, very good, these melodies are always so comforting, wonderful :)+1
November 05 2016 22:42:26
Wade Thanks Xavi. I just love doing modal stuff and trying to feel where the melody can go without changes. +2
November 05 2016 22:52:45
ivax fantastic Wade,and great guitar your friend Chris Fenton,I like play and sound:) +1
November 06 2016 06:57:19
Wade He was actually disappointed that he had to play his acoustic plugged in instead of his Maton Electric (pickup not working). +1
This is gorgeous !! :)+1
November 05 2016 22:40:18
Wade Best compliment was to have you join in and add that spice and mystery. +1
Can't beat franky's comment... I agree it's different, but it works so well. Enjoyed :)+1
November 03 2016 23:55:58
Wade Cheers Mr B. +0
Oh wow, that is quit different Wade. It's great ! Very interesting piece ! A great pleasure to listen this one !! :)+1
November 03 2016 22:52:05
Wade Thanks Franky. Different I can do...good can be more difficult. Glad you like. +2

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