Eyes Wide Shut

Remix step #4 (playing)
United States


Haffast149 jams Supporter
+ 10
Such an AWESOME track to play with! Jammed on it for a couple hours and this was the best I could get recorded. Still, I had a great time! Enjoy!!

HD track included if anyone wants to remix...


November 05 2016 21:05:42
finally another leadish art to party. that's what i need for extended Glyx. but i'm not into relaxed harmony. huge one. like the breakdown hold :D

November 05 2016 17:51:51
amazingly huge..! so cool
+1 November 05 2016 17:55:06 rtkradle Haffast
Thanks! Amazing playing in this template! Fun to add to it!
November 05 2016 17:34:05
Man, that was some time well spent... great playing Haf. Such a cool track by all !!
+1 November 05 2016 17:35:26 Psycho Haffast
They really made something AWESOME! Thanks man! Much appreciated! Wish I'd remembered done of the best stuff I jammed for it. Ha ha! :D
November 05 2016 16:26:24
cody trippcody tripp
+1 November 05 2016 17:06:29 cody tripp Haffast
Thanks a lot Cody!!
November 05 2016 15:50:53
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
love the solo with wah....great work Haffast...great template to work with! Nice harmonys too
+1 November 05 2016 15:57:45 Major 3rd Haffast
Thanks man! I appreciate that! I'm a sucker for those harmonies... Lol
November 05 2016 16:22:10 Major 3rd Major 3rd
you are the master of harmony! ;o)
November 05 2016 13:52:16
James dooJames doo
sounds sick man..love it
+1 November 05 2016 15:35:48 James doo Haffast
Man you killed it in yours! Blew me away! AWESOME job!
November 05 2016 09:30:10
All round awesome !!!!
+1 November 05 2016 15:34:58 RobM Haffast
Thanks a lot Rob!
November 05 2016 07:09:24
Awesome add to an awesome track, yes it Is!!!
+1 November 05 2016 15:34:48 Tofzegrit Haffast
Thanks! They did such a GREAT job on this one!

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