Let Your Light Shine w Adu & Jamlady

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I've been so scattered it's ridiculous, but a couple of listens to this made me settle down.
Per my usual, I went with the most minimal production to yodel.
Thank you for the lovely mood, Andreas and Klaudia.


November 14 2016 23:29:15
BobBerryBobBerry Most delightful in every possibly way!
What a great song, you are so gifted Anne, love your vocals.

+0 November 17 2016 17:58:01 BobBerryAnneCozean
thanks so much for the song love, Bob!
November 09 2016 13:37:12
FunkystanFunkystan I've just clicked on the "follow" tab of your page. Doing this didn't cross my mind before 'cause of course I follow you!!!
But for sure I should have done it before, 'cause I've missed your upload. I'm sorry... Sorry for me, 'cause it took me time to listen to this.
This is just superb Anne... A master's singing^^
The back vocals are fab!
Thanks a lot Anne^^

+0 November 17 2016 17:57:45 FunkystanAnneCozean
ooops! Sorry, Stan - I took a looooong lunch and didn't get back in a timely manner. Thank you!
November 18 2016 00:27:13 FunkystanFunkystan
It doesn't matter, we are time travellers ^^
November 19 2016 19:50:05 FunkystanAnneCozean
we ARE!!!! :)
November 08 2016 18:07:12
fannefanne After all that's been said 'bout this wonderful song.... I can nothing add...
+0 November 17 2016 17:57:01 fanneAnneCozean
thank you for your ear, fanne - i appreciate it!
November 07 2016 08:40:49
FrankMilFrankMil great tune - very moving
+1 November 07 2016 20:35:47 FrankMilAnneCozean
Our collective thanks, Frank!
November 06 2016 19:45:24
JDFJDF So very nice to hear this morning. I love the minimal approach you felt to do here. I can see this song in a movie/musical ;) Very nice indeed. Thank you for keeping my morning mellow :)
+1 November 07 2016 20:35:33 JDFAnneCozean
thank you for your lovely review - how nice of you to take time!
November 06 2016 19:28:21
TofzegritTofzegrit 💜 so sensitive and the "acoustic" sound makes 3 of you just next to me.
When your voice starts, when the words vibes are on... I become totally AnneCozeaned💜

+1 November 07 2016 20:35:01 TofzegritAnneCozean
you know how to sweet talk a sister, Brother...:) thank you, Dear Chris.
November 06 2016 19:16:28
PewiPewi Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing
+1 November 07 2016 20:34:35 PewiAnneCozean
why thank you so much, Pewi!
November 06 2016 19:10:34
titititi Very sensible track Anne.
Love your way of sing and words.
Often I look at the starry sky, and speak in stars of my small problems ...
Very fast I feel me ridiculous, and return feet on earth.

+1 November 07 2016 20:34:22 titiAnneCozean
Thierry - that's what stars are for! perhaps each one is a small heavenly ear. i hope your troubles are VERY small. :)
November 07 2016 21:03:22 titititi
Just looking stars for this :)
November 06 2016 17:22:41
ROBJOLROBJOL So beautiful words, so well said.
+0 November 07 2016 20:31:31 ROBJOLAnneCozean
Thank you, Robert. I surely appreciate Your light...:)
November 06 2016 13:58:45
PsychoPsycho It's beautiful Annie... you shine in your own right. Had to give this one a few listens :)
+0 November 06 2016 15:38:20 PsychoAnneCozean
Thank you, Bruce - you've been a busy boy! and still took time to listen - i'm sincerely appreciative. ;)
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