Stand Up Guy. (Model 1966).

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I guess this song became a little "Happy-go-Hippie-Lucky"- folkish-popish thing. Just a little train of thought about the past the presence and its mutual influence on your life. I played a couple of el/ac guitars as a backing and it would be cool to hear practically all kinds of adds. Drums, perc, bass, keys, flutes, tubas, more voies maybe female U name it. (Chords are placed below in the tekst area) Thank you for listening and I hope you will like. I ...


Nice one+0
November 06 2016 22:46:54
Peterpingo Thanks jmrukkers. -Your comment is much appreciated. :) +1
Hi Peter, what a peaceful track! Thank you very much for sharing:):)+0
November 06 2016 20:13:50
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. I´m so glad you like this. I´m not a singer in daily life but I thought It would be fun to make a song. :) I´m so glad you dig it. +1
This is so beautiful, Peter, is you the singer?, never had listened to you sing, is fantastic, thanks for show your skills and feelings :)+1
November 06 2016 20:11:15
Peterpingo Hah hah. No my friend. I´m not a singer. I have done som choir-adds during the years in different bands though. Thank you very much. I´m so glad you like it. :) +1
Marcelo D
Hi Peter. I just woke up and I am listening to your song. It's very cool to hear our friends from the loops singing. By the way it's a very nice song. Thanks for sharing. :)+0
November 06 2016 18:02:53
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Thank you Marcelo. I think it´s a fantastic part of being on the loops that your inspiration leads you to so many different parts of you self by meeting all the great people here. :) +0
Well done Peter... thanks for sharing this neat song :)+1
November 06 2016 17:53:48
Peterpingo Thanks Bruce. I´m glad you like it. :) +0
nice song, man!!! I like it!!! :)+0
November 06 2016 17:55:04
Peterpingo Thank you jjdf much appreciated :) +0
Beautiful song Peter! sweet chords, and melody you pick sounds great! so good to hear this song today!+1
November 06 2016 06:50:52
Peterpingo Thanks Alice. Always a pleasure to read your nice comments. :) +0

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