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Played this while I was listening(on headphones--while listening to my play) to a questioning Youtube video about the death of Seth Rich MURDER. Man Oh Man!

Be great for some drums and bass and other plays


It is worth every minute to listen carefully to your acoustic stuff. There are many "small universes" to be found. (I hope GoogleTrans will translate this correctly)+1
November 06 2016 19:43:39
GemmyF Yes! Thank you, as the feeling changes so do I and I am always listening for the change, and hopefully staying long enough with it to have it become a conveyance of the part. What I do is I play a set of chords for awhile and then I'll if I have the time try to record it, but not having a Chord chart, but just know that I can go here or go there as an option and sometimes go somewhere I didn't know I could go....but that is what is so good about the time away from the record button! Thanks Peter!!! very much! +1
Dang Jim... another surprise! You should put more of these up. You play a mean acoustic buddy !!+1
November 06 2016 17:50:23
GemmyF Thanks! Bruce! It just hard to get the quite time around here! A "cold" front is supposed to come probably 75(I believe that when I see it) and the AC won't have to run! It was amazing ploy to have that youtube ploy I was listening to as well as recording--It kept me from stopping and say AHHHHH, I messed up---because I couldn't hear every thing perfectly--I was slightly distracted! +0
a nice walk there Gemmy...+1
Awesome brother+1
November 06 2016 17:51:27
GemmyF Thanks Gary I like this one alot! It goes to some cool places! Thanks Bro for the listen! Sing a song about Seth Rich on it! +1
Very cool playing! Nice track, enjoy the listen:)+1
very cool ;o)+1
very cool Gemmy.+1
November 06 2016 07:33:05
GemmyF Up early or Late? +1
November 06 2016 07:34:40
davidaustin early... guitar time! +1
November 06 2016 07:36:25
GemmyF Late here 1:30am +1
November 06 2016 07:37:03
GemmyF Happy Guitar-ing! +0
November 06 2016 07:38:21
davidaustin 5 hour ahead that means I get a note or two in before you guys ha! +1
November 06 2016 07:39:06
GemmyF That is if we ever sleep! +1

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