Stand Up Guy (Perc. Drum add).

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Percussion, Drums & Sequencer:
Peterpingo170 jams

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I made a little adjustment in the EQ´levels of this song. While doing that I found two great percussion tracks. I made a mix of the to tracks and an old drum track from outside the Loops. The two tracks from Loops are: #75344 made by Zamzam and #80040 of Whitepongo. I had a great time doing this, but the track still needs adds like bass keys horns or other. Thanks for listening. Peace And Love. Peter


francisco al
bom trabalho, Peterpingo. ficou bem legal a sequência+0
November 14 2016 02:26:01
francisco al
Peterpingo Thanks francisco. :) +0
fantastic Peter :) great job+1
November 09 2016 00:40:10
Peterpingo Thanks Friend. I´m so glad you like. ;) +0
Lenny Cowler
awesome track:)+0
November 08 2016 05:37:42
Lenny Cowler
Peterpingo Thanks Lenny. :) I´m really glad you think. +1
This is a Masterpiece, Peter.....I Love It!!! :) :)+1
November 08 2016 04:12:50
Peterpingo Thanks Kapone. You make med blush. I´m very glad to read your nice and kind comment my friend. :) +2
November 08 2016 04:55:59
kapone120 Already have a Bass Track done for this, sounds like a Dire Straights song to me. +1
November 08 2016 05:24:57
Peterpingo Wow. Dire Straights. Must say that´s a great feeling to be compared to those guys. Thank you very much Alan. smile.gif +1
Marcelo D
I agree with Peter. Adds are welcome but it already sounds great. Sometimes the best tracks or songs don't need a lot. By the way 1:36 and on sounds amazing with the drums. Good job Peter.:)+0
November 08 2016 02:52:46
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Thanks Marcelo. :) I agree. It´s not always good to " over produce " music. Your like is much appreciated my friend. +1
November 08 2016 03:12:52
Marcelo D
Marcelo D I mean. There is room for more but it is already great :) +0
November 08 2016 03:55:21
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Thanks friend. :) +1
very good one Peterpingo...+0
November 07 2016 17:23:28
Peterpingo Thanks Slin. Your comment is much appreciated. :) +0
I think this track is perfect! There is nothing missing, everything fits!+0
November 07 2016 15:13:56
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. I´m very glad you think so. It could maybe need bass. Maybe some keys or a flute/sax. :) +1

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