Stand Up Guy (Perc. Drum add).

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I made a little adjustment in the EQ´levels of this song. While doing that I found two great percussion tracks. I made a mix of the to tracks and an old drum track from outside the Loops. The two tracks from Loops are:
#75344 made by Zamzam and #80040 of Whitepongo. I had a great time doing this, but the track still needs adds like bass keys horns or other.
Thanks for listening.
Peace And Love.


November 13 2016 19:24:40
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Peterpingo. ficou bem legal a sequência
+0 November 14 2016 02:26:01 francisco al Peterpingo
Thanks francisco. :)
November 09 2016 00:35:59
fantastic Peter :) great job
+1 November 09 2016 00:40:10 ivax Peterpingo
Thanks Friend. I´m so glad you like. ;)
November 08 2016 05:35:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
awesome track:)
+0 November 08 2016 05:37:42 Lenny Cowler Peterpingo
Thanks Lenny. :) I´m really glad you think.
November 08 2016 04:05:53
This is a Masterpiece, Peter.....I Love It!!! :) :)
+1 November 08 2016 04:12:50 kapone120 Peterpingo
Thanks Kapone. You make med blush. I´m very glad to read your nice and kind comment my friend. :)
November 08 2016 04:55:59 kapone120 kapone120
Already have a Bass Track done for this, sounds like a Dire Straights song to me.
November 08 2016 05:24:57 kapone120 Peterpingo
Wow. Dire Straights. Must say that´s a great feeling to be compared to those guys. Thank you very much Alan. smile.gif
November 08 2016 01:41:53
Marcelo DMarcelo D
I agree with Peter. Adds are welcome but it already sounds great. Sometimes the best tracks or songs don't need a lot. By the way 1:36 and on sounds amazing with the drums. Good job Peter.:)
+0 November 08 2016 02:52:46 Marcelo D Peterpingo
Thanks Marcelo. :) I agree. It´s not always good to " over produce " music. Your like is much appreciated my friend.
November 08 2016 03:12:52 Marcelo D Marcelo D
I mean. There is room for more but it is already great :)
November 08 2016 03:55:21 Marcelo D Peterpingo
Thanks friend. :)
November 07 2016 17:05:57
very good one Peterpingo...
+0 November 07 2016 17:23:28 slin Peterpingo
Thanks Slin. Your comment is much appreciated. :)
November 07 2016 14:58:54
I think this track is perfect! There is nothing missing, everything fits!
+0 November 07 2016 15:13:56 Pewi Peterpingo
Thanks Peter. I´m very glad you think so. It could maybe need bass. Maybe some keys or a flute/sax. :)
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