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Vocals, Guitar & Drums:
Davnel99206 jams
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A rock song I wrote - could use some keys and background vocals
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fantastic Dave :)+1
November 10 2016 00:32:25
Davnel99 Thanks Xavi. The sound/balance quality is shaky, recorded this probably sometime in the 80's on old 4 track r to r. Did all the guitars, keys, vocals. It was a chore but I miss those days of design and recording. You must tell me sometimes the procedures you go thru to lay down track(s) and inspiration? I really enjoy hearing your work my friend! +1
November 10 2016 19:06:05
ivax Thanks Friend,There are no secrets, I use my line of the guitar amplifier, with an audio output to the USB interface, and use the effects that incorporates the amplifier, recording several tracks and at the end I choose that I like, and if you have to repeat a verse, turns to record and edit, I'm not player one shot in loops except when I have fun improvising, and record it and then edit the best footage :D +1
NIICCE! I think I hear some Toto! Super Dave!! :)+1
November 10 2016 04:46:01
Davnel99 Thanks Franky. I hope your not talking about Toto the dog from Wizard of Oz LOL :) +1
November 10 2016 04:59:30
frankyguitar LOL :D +0
Nice one Dave!!+1

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