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a Little Bluesy Funky thang 2:30 am


November 20 2016 02:55:17
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho de guitarra, Gemmyf. pegada legal

November 14 2016 16:18:38
PewiPewi Cool!
+0 November 14 2016 16:22:19 PewiGemmyF
thanks Peter!
November 13 2016 13:19:01
piperpiper Shuuuwing! :D

November 10 2016 22:24:33
SimonymousSimonymous Nice! :)

November 10 2016 15:49:05
KeitonKeiton Great playing Gemmy :)
+0 November 10 2016 16:58:56 KeitonGemmyF
Thanks Keiton. Was playing it so much better with the unplugged electric(warming up the "thought") Pressing the record button and the limitations(mine) while using an amp simulation not being able when switch from a "lead-ish" part---which dies(due to the lack of fullness of multiple strings being played at once--matching the fullness of the rhythm)

That said, there is plenty room for a lead player!

November 10 2016 17:40:37 KeitonKeiton
I feel a little Joe Perry's atmosphere on this track. I mean Joe Perry Project. This is a very interesting track for me. It is difficult to match the lead guitar to this, but I have one idea. Think I will try it later ;)
November 09 2016 20:31:23
Ernie440Ernie440 Holy Crap!! Nice pic hahaha ... cool tune!
+0 November 09 2016 23:56:17 Ernie440GemmyF
I went through a super hero phase when I was 27--we had a huge "rag" barrel of clothes that came from Goodwill that we used to clean silkscreen screens of ink. I got my wardrobe from there, but this was a couple 3 "stoners" goofin' on a break out back!
November 10 2016 02:13:36 Ernie440Ernie440
I've done some screen printing at home .. it's fun! You kwazy guy!!
November 09 2016 18:45:17
garymcmillgarymcmill Donald be dancing to this one this morning!:)
+1 November 09 2016 19:02:46 garymcmillGemmyF
:D:)Yeah!Have you seen the Dick Dancing Icon you can do on thumbs up? pretty cool![img][/img]
November 13 2016 13:19:38 garymcmillpiper
OK, that's a little on the scary side :O
November 09 2016 18:06:03
Major 3rdMajor 3rd shuffling! oh yeah! nice one Gemmy!

November 09 2016 15:55:32
BothenBothen Good energy here Jim!!
+1 November 09 2016 16:12:51 BothenGemmyF
November 09 2016 16:47:45 BothenGemmyF
Thanks Ron this is a really paired down version that I was playing while watching the tube till really late last night. Was tearing it up, but when came to recording(actually hearing a "amp" sound it was hard to get an even sound switching from the rhythm to a lead on the fly. Either the lead was too weak or the rhythm was too strong. Maybe someone will tear up one this one! if not maybe I will!
November 09 2016 14:51:52
AKchenAKchen let´s dance B)
+1 November 09 2016 14:59:57 AKchenGemmyF
love that little dancing Dick icon!!! Thanks!

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