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November 9th 2016: a day that will go down in infamy,

It is a very sad day when hate, fear, racism, and just plain ugliness won the day in the USA. This is not the country I grew up in or am so proud of (or maybe it is?). For those who supported this man, they also support these very dark values...

And for those of you who say he is an outsider and we need a non politician with no experience to run things. That is a flawed argument: I mean, you get Ringo and dump Pete Best, for obvious reasons, not the other way around!

Ok, there is my statement, I needed to do this...

Needs bass and vocals...

thanks Bruce for the awesome track, didn't mean to hijack it for a message, but couldn't help it...music is therapy.................



November 17 2016 23:53:47
I missed this one rp... jm led me here. What a fantastic drum play on his thing. Your lead ins make this thing for sure. Thanks for joining in :) I don't mind a political hijack. This last election is what it is and we simply have to hope for the best. I willing to give who even wins these things a chance. It's all about checks and balances anyway :)
+1 November 19 2016 16:08:40 Psycho rp3drums
Thanks Bruce. Music is a way to have a voice... I hope you are right, but it seems at the moment, it's a one way street!
November 17 2016 21:24:06
Great ! :)

November 17 2016 17:32:08
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

November 13 2016 17:42:58
very good rp...

November 10 2016 18:12:56
Very cool rp3

November 10 2016 16:34:26
Great drumming Man !! I feel your pain as well !!
+1 November 10 2016 17:37:56 WHITEPONGO rp3drums
right on brother!
November 10 2016 15:23:57
Wow, nice work on Bruce's cool rock guitar .. thanks, enjoyed this!!
+1 November 10 2016 16:11:11 Ernie440 rp3drums
Thanks buddy, this one was more difficult than it seemed, a bit quirky!
November 10 2016 13:07:19
Open forum no problem with your comments that's the way it should be. For us middle-aged white male, Bible thumping, gun-toting ,border building, deplorables that are connected somehow to the Klan, while being Constitution honoring.We Trump supporters appreciate your differing opinion.Sorry I left out phobic of all things as well. G
+1 November 10 2016 16:12:36 Drumshticks rp3drums
Well we are all free to say what we want (for know) haha. But now you own him and what he does... should be interesting. I will be staying overseas for a few more years :D
November 10 2016 11:41:27
Great drums Ray!! Very good how it provides Psychos guitarwork!! :)
+1 November 10 2016 16:13:07 frankyguitar rp3drums
thanks Franky!
November 10 2016 10:41:53
sounds great !!! so cool ... sorry about your sorrows
+1 November 10 2016 11:03:56 AKchen rp3drums
thanks, at least I am not alone...:)

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