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Been meaning to add to this track for ages. Finally got around to it to day along with some others. Nice to let rip once in a while and Whitepongo's superb track was just the ticket!! Really enjoy getting stuck into this track and I even got my double pedal out for the occasion.

The video, on the other hand, was a complete disaster. Turned out the camera had moved and so has filmed my torso. Nice. And editing it in iMovie was a nightmare because the mixed audio and the original video took and age to get to sync up. Oh yes, and my phone ran out of space 30s from the end of the take. Thanks, Apple.

I'll add the video link to the comments in a moment.

Anyway, Enjoy.

No reverb on the HD version.


November 13 2016 02:39:27
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Wow !! Great drum play !! Sounds great and very solid..Thanks for this jam !! Cool video too !!

November 12 2016 22:02:02
WadeWade No fixes or faking the video. Sign of a make it look easy! Can't see your face and that look of utter concentration...or is it drummer's ecstasy?

November 12 2016 19:59:33
PsychoPsycho Fantastic drumming Martin... I can't think of anything that would fit better !!!

November 12 2016 19:58:09
schwaglrschwaglr It's awesome, man! :)

November 12 2016 19:19:17
Danalyze45Danalyze45 perfect drumming for this! :)

November 12 2016 18:13:58
mulambomulambo fantastic! thx for the video too!

November 12 2016 18:01:41
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce Very good jam. Congrat' to you both !

November 12 2016 17:52:14
OliVBeeOliVBee cool drumming ! and nice torso ;)

November 12 2016 17:49:37
Ernie440Ernie440 Heavy Torso Rock!! :D Great f'ing toon man! Nice playin'!! Very cool indeed.

November 12 2016 17:45:38
mpointonmpointon Video is here: [youtube]biiLxWbsdgg[/youtube]


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