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Last of the loops I recorded yesterday. And what a magnificent track from everyone involved. Pat's knack of pitch-perfect pop templates continues! Utterly irresistible. I've just noticed when preparing my upload there's been another drum add very similar to mine so feel a bit bad about it now!

Like SergioElec, I opted for brushes to keep it gentle and appropriate with the wonderful lilt of this track. Then put on my best pop hat and ran with the flow. I hope you like it.

Also videoed this track which is linked in the comments below.


No reverb on the HD version.


November 17 2016 21:19:28
PeixePeixe Beautiful drums Martin. Its rare to listen to a drummer playing after everybody with such a sensitive playing. Great vídeo too. Loved it:)

November 16 2016 20:15:57
MarceysMarceys Beautiful sensitive drumming! Great track Martin!

November 15 2016 10:21:18
WadeWade Beautiful flow with those subtle accents. Very classy playing.

November 14 2016 20:44:21
pklieschpkliesch Great pattern. Fits so nice. Thank you, Martin :)

November 14 2016 06:03:13
aleonzaleonz ah what a great feeling to find your drums this day, after a while being away from the loops, you have that unique color on your play, both of you and sergio gave a sweet colors to this song, I really do enjoy it...and watching play on that video is a plus bonus Martin, so happy you complete this version!
+2 November 14 2016 13:23:18 aleonzmpointon
Thank you, Alice - I have so many of your tracks I need to get on! This track is just beautiful from all of you. I'm so pleased to help finish it!
November 13 2016 22:39:45
PsychoPsycho This place is all about sharing and playing our own versions of many tracks. Never feel bad about that my friend. I can enjoy both versions or ten versions if it were the case. As usual you have really played a smart game with this beautiful music! Cheers Martin :)
+1 November 14 2016 13:22:39 Psychompointon
Thank you. I'm just a wee bit paranoid sometimes!! Thank you for your kind compliments. :) :)
November 13 2016 20:40:44
GlezBassGlezBass Really fantastic Martin, the perfection on drumming. Love it friend
+1 November 14 2016 13:21:53 GlezBassmpointon
You contribution on this track, like all the others, is spot on, Glex. This was an utter pleasure to add to.
November 14 2016 13:26:32 GlezBassGlezBass
November 13 2016 20:37:33
FivestringerFivestringer Excellent mood and very tastefull, and I like the video watched it all the way so count one listened extra ;)
+1 November 14 2016 13:21:18 Fivestringermpointon
Thanks, FS! Great to see you back on here! :)
November 13 2016 19:02:34
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome play:)

November 13 2016 18:49:04
mpointonmpointon Video can be found here: [youtube]JyDVJA7FEHg[/youtube]


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