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Took a risk at adding my own drums on this one. Drum kit is recorded with one microphone. I'm uploading the drums only as an HD track. Any comments on the mix are appreciated!

See song/chord map on the template.

This tune needs bass, acoustic guitar, and vocal! :)


November 26 2016 01:42:07
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, schwaglr. muito legal
+1 November 27 2016 15:55:27 francisco alschwaglr
Thank you for listening!
November 19 2016 14:18:38
PeixePeixe Its a great key work. I love the rhythm and the chords here. Beautiful:)
+0 November 20 2016 00:55:44 Peixeschwaglr
Thanks so much, my friend! Appreciate this compliment coming from a talented song writer like yourself. If you here any synth or organ lines to add, please drop them in :)
November 16 2016 04:20:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

November 14 2016 12:09:54
aleonzaleonz Wonderful track, really have a great challanging for the player to jam along!
+0 November 14 2016 23:19:17 aleonzschwaglr
Thanks so much for listening! :)
November 14 2016 06:42:59
jaeusmjaeusm Great tune and nice drumming! Most of the music I like has the drums recorded with only one or two mics. Sounds great to me! This one is definitely on the to-do list :)
+0 November 14 2016 23:19:06 jaeusmschwaglr
Thanks so much for the listen and kind words. Would love to have you give this a ride on your bass! :)
November 14 2016 00:55:03
Davnel99Davnel99 Cool stuff here. I really like the changes. Reminders of Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagan crossover.
+0 November 14 2016 01:49:36 Davnel99schwaglr
Thanks, friend! Good ear. That turn-around chord progression is heavily influenced by the tune "Peg"
November 13 2016 23:14:41
Ernie440Ernie440 Very nice schwag! :)
+0 November 13 2016 23:25:49 Ernie440schwaglr
Thanks so much, Ernie! :)
November 13 2016 22:59:16
PsychoPsycho This is really good... a lot of potential here. Yes even the drums work well on this. Well done waglr !!
+0 November 13 2016 23:11:56 Psychoschwaglr
Thanks so much for your kind words. Would love to see folks join in on this number. :)
November 13 2016 22:46:04
StefStef Perfect fit! So good! :)
+0 November 13 2016 23:11:25 Stefschwaglr
Thank you, Stef :)
November 13 2016 22:45:43
TG_StratTG_Strat No risk at all, nice addition. Good sound for one microphone!!
+0 November 13 2016 23:11:02 TG_Stratschwaglr
Thanks TG! Glad you think so! I think I'm getting some lucky reflected sound off a wall that's adding punch to the bass drum. EQ helps a lot too :)

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