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MusicMaker Revolta Vita BassMachine
Vocals Vocoder; Rpgmaker/Teamspeak probably
sampling: strandard midi trancelead
9mb 44kHz 320kb 96db

Haxle I, Luxor II, Phox III, Exhume was a short first try to create electro/metal hybrid this way and my only one so far. filled with standard midi leads, several setups i still use today, random vocals, lot of time working on a final version. the most fun project. headphones and speakers call for volume++ , gotta love BassMachine 0:40 & 2:00

i'm proud this song got popular on another music website. 12.000 hits, hours of being listened, top 10 stats in Electro genre lol. most important serious reviews from different electronic arts and metalheads. the whole project includes 9 arrangements. 1gbRam, MusicMaker died hundred times

drums only can be found at #52171


December 01 2016 21:24:50
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
awesome! great mix and very interesting!
+0 December 30 2016 22:07:31 Major 3rd SupJax
it was easier to create than it looks. 1gb ram is far behind what i actually need, and i went crazy after musicmaker crashes multiple times, no fun, but absolutely happy with final result. drums, yes, deserves even more dynamics. some day mabye
November 15 2016 19:16:08
very cool SupJax...
+0 November 18 2016 00:24:26 slin SupJax
thank you! :)
November 15 2016 08:58:56
Sounds realy heavy!! ;)

Can you load up this stuff without drums?

+0 November 15 2016 11:43:26 Basster SupJax
ugh! can't promise! Exhume got unique synths by every wav-export. 0:25 scratch. vocal delays. need to check archives for all the original solo tracks. nur drums weg? bass bleibt? anything else? :@:)
November 15 2016 11:49:38 Basster Basster
Wenn es geht vielleicht auch ohne Bas...? ;)
November 15 2016 11:49:56 Basster Basster
Bass meinte ich natürlich :/
December 30 2016 22:10:02 Basster SupJax
muss ich mir dringend merken. wird nicht einfach, das merken und werkeln, aber ich hab alle rohstoffe archiviert. fehlt nur noch es zammbasteln, ohne dass mir die drumspur zwischenfunkt. ein ganzer tach arbeit heh.... :)
November 14 2016 22:24:01
Awesome! How your mind works is a mystery to me, but I know one thing... it's brilliant. You hold nothing back !!!
+1 November 15 2016 05:22:38 Psycho SupJax
got me some new headphones today and was surprised about the nice tones here. back to loveley bass :)
November 14 2016 20:08:20
+1 November 15 2016 05:17:51 axenvocs SupJax
candylike :D
November 14 2016 19:53:36
bravo !!!!I had been thinking all the time about what you were doing. Perfect! Great.
+1 November 15 2016 05:17:24 abuitremorem SupJax
yea, me too haha. too much tapping these days, need electronics :)
November 14 2016 19:13:49
Cool music, Cool brain at work !! Sounds amazing in the zone !!!
+1 November 14 2016 19:20:12 HiFiFlutes SupJax
aye Flut, thank you! hope to get guitars for an hybrid-album. seems difficult this time :D
November 14 2016 19:04:18
+1 November 15 2016 08:58:25 SupJax Basster
Exploited!! ;) \m/
November 15 2016 11:48:21 SupJax SupJax
my patch. the big one :)

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