Grooveke 2

Remix step #5 (playing)


fanne140 jams Supporter
+ 16
What is a sixties groove without some brass...


November 26 2016 05:02:05
DrStrgeglvDrStrgeglv LOVE IT!!

November 24 2016 03:17:59
jamladyjamlady fantastic!

November 16 2016 03:17:24
WadeWade Lets hear it for authenticity!

November 15 2016 18:24:43
slinslin very very good add fanne...
+1 November 15 2016 20:02:26 slinfanne
Thanks slin!
November 15 2016 17:15:36
titititi Very cool job John ! Great bass and guitar :)
+1 November 15 2016 20:01:14 titifanne
Well Thierry, I didn’t played the bass :),and the guitar was one take, but the brass took me many hours.
You see, I make my own licks and therefor I cut some real played riffs, with a surgical precision ,into several parts, some not even a second long, and then I use my imagination to choose wish notes I will glue together. The challenge is to make it smooth so nobody hears them glue lines, therefor I use crossoversampeling and a lot of time stretching and other hanky panky. I won’t use a virtual brass libraries because none of them are good, but sometimes I haven’t the note I want, and then I use Session horns from native instruments for that one note.
You see it’s a whole different ballgame then using some licks from a construction kit :) 
November 15 2016 20:33:39 titititi
Ah !!!
Nothing guesses. You speak about a surgical work...
I know you of the talent, and many guitarist here are also good bass players. Thus it seemed to me normal whether it is you in the play.
Thank you for your honesty which is Thank you for your honesty which is for your honor my friend.
I have suspicions for others on deceits in wikiloops ... ;)
November 15 2016 06:48:08
TofzegritTofzegrit Orchestra man :)
Painting and decorating John Entertainment Corporation Unlimited!!!

+1 November 15 2016 12:27:51 Tofzegritfanne
PDECU sounds nice to me!:)tanks Tof!
November 14 2016 23:35:22
eGiLeGiL *Gets pimp outfit* :) Groovy :)
+1 November 14 2016 23:43:04 eGiLfanne
:) thanks for the template King..
November 14 2016 23:45:09 eGiLeGiL
You're very welcome! Adding some new grooves soon, looking forward to see if you will add some gold nuggets to them ;)
November 14 2016 22:34:00
PsychoPsycho Wonderful touch John... what a great track !!
+1 November 14 2016 23:37:26 Psychofanne
Thanks Psycho! indeed a great track, glad I could make an add
November 14 2016 22:27:28
FrankieJFrankieJ Groovy!
+1 November 14 2016 23:34:01 FrankieJfanne
Thanks Frankie!
November 14 2016 21:14:40
UloisiusUloisius S U P E R ;o)
+1 November 14 2016 21:23:59 Uloisiusfanne
Thanks Ulo!

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