BluE FingeR BlueZ

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Hey Folk's, I never play very much blues but I heard this "Pete Jam" today at work and this is my type of blues Pete laid out here.
I couldn't wait to get home and get to this one!!!

For playing the blues I just plug in and let it rip, one take, no thought, all feel, mistakes and all. If I think too much it ain't the blues.

Awesome track DFD & Pete..Thanks!!! Enjoy..:)


November 15 2016 23:22:57
KMstarKMstar great guitar! nice job Ron!
+1 November 16 2016 00:26:40 KMstarmortheol
Thanks Ken, I had fun trying some heavy blues:)
November 15 2016 20:05:07
davidaustindavidaustin super cool deep down blues:D
+1 November 15 2016 20:24:08 davidaustinmortheol
Thanks version of playing the blues;)
November 15 2016 18:04:52
slinslin very cool mortheol...
+1 November 15 2016 18:40:26 slinmortheol
Thanks so much Slin:)
It was fun to try my hand at the Blues:D
November 15 2016 15:32:16
petebasspetebass Hey Ron,:)Great Blues guitar playing, you should do more blues tracks, thanks for the cool add bud:);)
+2 November 15 2016 15:49:52 petebassmortheol
Hey Pete Thanks!:)
I hope I didn't play over you too much here(?)...I think I got a little carried away:|:D
I agree I should play this style is fun:D
November 15 2016 15:51:14 petebassmortheol
Next time I will use my Fender Strat for a more authentic "Blues Tone".B)
November 15 2016 18:38:55 petebasspetebass
I'l look forward to it Ron:);)
November 15 2016 08:42:05
AKchenAKchen so cool sound !!!
+1 November 15 2016 17:37:48 AKchenmortheol
:)Danke für hören!:D
November 15 2016 07:37:41
abuitremoremabuitremorem For me this blues sounds very good. Amazing-wdas one can do without head so everything;););) :) :)
+2 November 15 2016 17:38:45 abuitremoremmortheol
Thanks Rene:)
I am happy you like my version of "The Blues":D
November 15 2016 06:45:57
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Popa Ron Chubby :D the Blues men !! Super played, feel, and flow !! :)
+1 November 15 2016 17:40:30 frankyguitarmortheol
What...I am Chubby:o:(:P
LOL...Thanks "A Ton" Franky, I am happy you liked my Blues:D
November 15 2016 20:12:32 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
LOL, now I know what is chubby!! :D have used a translator... :D
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