Home, sweet home.

Remix step #3 (playing)



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Great track from Paul and Xavi. Just did a solo section starting at 1:58.


November 17 2016 18:31:14
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)
+1 November 17 2016 20:09:54 Lenny CowlerDaDumps
Thanks Lenny. Just a snippet.
November 15 2016 20:36:11
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Yeah!! Very cool DaDumps :) Lovely playing - perfect for the tune!
+1 November 16 2016 19:42:50 PaulBOwensDaDumps
Well, you set up a lovely classic that was just asking for these little adds. Glad I could oblige and hope you get lots more.
November 15 2016 19:05:13
slinslin very good DaDumps...
+1 November 16 2016 19:41:35 slinDaDumps
Thanks slin. A pleasure to just sit in for a little while and leave lots of room for others.
November 15 2016 12:54:00 via wikiloops radio
TG_StratTG_Strat Very cool!!
+1 November 16 2016 19:40:27 TG_StratDaDumps
Cheers TG. Glad you like.
November 15 2016 11:54:37
StefStef This solo is a seal of quality that elevates the value of this track. A sound that goes straight to the heart shaped by a unique feeling! ... And all this in only 40 seconds .... Fantastic
+1 November 16 2016 19:40:11 StefDaDumps
Glad it worked as a "cameo". Wanted to leave lots of room for others. Thanks Stef. Always appreciate the listen and comments.
November 15 2016 10:52:10
TofzegritTofzegrit That's a smooth nice solo, almost a "classic" playing regarding your usual creative one:)
But for sure, you get your own way of phrasing and sounding

+1 November 16 2016 19:39:02 TofzegritDaDumps
Thanks Tof. Kind of a "classic" style so did the classic solo. Glad it's still recognizable as me.
November 15 2016 10:20:21
ivaxivax Fantastic my dear friend... you know how happy I am listening to your wonderful SAX, is like a fresh air, peace and harmony fair, is what ever you want in your Home, sweet Home :)
+1 November 16 2016 19:37:50 ivaxDaDumps
So good to be able to join in with you on this lovely track.
November 15 2016 09:50:09
AKchenAKchen sounds wonderful ... :)
+1 November 16 2016 19:37:07 AKchenDaDumps
Thanks Akchen. Sometimes just jumping in for a few lines is enough.

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