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I found this through Stef's magic Hammond. He sure found a beauty, and then I became trapped =) This mix sounds better through phones. I seem over powering on speakers, at least on my end.
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rock, ballad


oh wow!!!! :)+1
November 16 2016 23:38:21
Psycho Thanks my dear Andrea :) +1
Wow !! Very very good !!+1
November 16 2016 23:39:04
Psycho Thanks Chris... was a kick for sure :) +0
So Killer !!!+1
November 16 2016 23:40:57
Psycho Thanks Tom... I didn't know this was an older song until I uploaded my take. It's a great song all the way around and I appreciate the opportunity to have tried this. I owe the find to Stef :) +1
It's MAGIC !! So masterly Bruce !!! :)+1
November 16 2016 23:42:16
Psycho Thanks franky... This is one I actually had to think about. Just wasn't sure where to start, but it worked in the end :) +1
Nice one Bruce+1
November 16 2016 23:43:06
Psycho Thank you jm... a challenge but I prefer it that way :) +1
WoW!! Amazing lead guitar Bruce! I totally love the final with your superb solo in unison with the Hammond line! Really addictive! I'm very happy for this fantastic contribute! Thank you Brother! :)+1
November 16 2016 23:45:20
Psycho Hey there Stef... first, thanks for the discovery of this great song by Tom. Second, you have brought this to a level I just couldn't resist. I always enjoy a jam with you my friend :) +1
via wikiloops radio
This song keeps getting better and better! Nice solo Bruce!!+1
November 16 2016 23:50:59
Psycho Appreciate it TG... this was made before I found the loops and I thought it was new at first (go figure). So many great tracks here that I need a secretary to find all the tracks I may be suited for... lol. And yes, I'm a sap for dramatic outros :) +0
Nice One!+1
November 16 2016 23:54:16
Psycho Thanks Jim... one posted before my time, and here I thought it was a new one. Glad Stef found it. Had some good trial and errors on this one :) +1
November 16 2016 23:55:41
Leftdaloops1019 Love the trials hate the errors unless they are trials in disguise! +1
November 16 2016 23:55:55
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks Lenny... this was one I really got a kick out of, mainly because I had to work myself out of a slump in the beginning :) +1
Adding such a fine accent without diminishing the vocals. 3:30 on well done.+1
November 16 2016 23:57:53
Psycho Thanks Wade... this goes on my favorites list here in the studio (My special folder). Nothing is perfect, but I kinda like this one :) +0

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